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It is easy for a marketer to get tunnel vision. Goal-focused, creative, ground-breaking and above all, fun-loaded marketing is the need for the hour. Do you have these abilities to be in tune with the current market? Do you have what it takes to be the best marketer? Team Pragyan presents Marketing hub to test your innate abilities and to help you sharpen your tools for the ultimate event. If you believe that you could shine as a great marketer, come test your skills in the arena. You have been provided with a platform to unleash your inner talents as a marketer. Come prove your skills and take back huge rewards!


Online quiz has ended. If you missed it, you can take the offline quiz at Pragyan. You can contact us for more details.

Date: 16th March 2019 (Day 2) and 17th March 2019 (Day 3)
Time: 9:00 AM
Venue: Orion

Prizes worth INR 35000



Round 1:

Online and offline - Teams should opt either online or offline.

Only one from a team should attempt the quiz, if more than one is attempting then the team will be disqualified.

Round 2:

Teams will be presented with 5 people who will depict different demographics and individual traits and they must develop a product that will satisfy all 5. They must prepare a product pitch for the same.

Round 3:

The selected teams will be provided with raw materials and be allotted a particular industry to design and manufacture a product and then shoot an advertisement for the same.

Round 4:

Brand revitalisation round where 5 final teams have to prepare a business plan and a revamp strategy for a given product and deliver an effective presentation.

  • Each team should be comprised of 3-4 members and all members have to be from the same institution.

  • Replacement of any participant of a team is not allowed after registration.

  • Teams are bound to clarify all doubts during the presentation of their ideas.

  • No plagiarism in ideas or thoughts would be accepted.

  • Vulgarity will not be entertained.

  • The decision of the judges of the event will be final and binding on all the participants.


Judging criteria:

  • Depth of understanding of rounds

  • Innovation and Creativity of ideas

  • Viability and Sustainability of ideas.

  • Professionalism of the presentation

  • Integration of ideas

  • Response to judge questions

Will be given when the event starts.


Ques:What is Marketing Hub’19?

Ans:Marketing Hub is an event solely meant to evaluate the participants on their marketing skills


Ques:What is involved in this event? How many rounds does the event have?

Ans:We are going to test the marketing skills through a series of rounds. The event consists of 4 rounds which tests the marketing skills of the individuals participating. Each rounds are eliminative.


Ques:Is it an individual test or a group event?

Ans:It is a team event comprising of 4 members from same institution.


Ques:Who can participate in this event?
Ans:It is open to all students.


Ques:How to register for the event?
Ans:It will be an on-spot registration.



  1. Aravind – 8281139550

  2. Pavan – 7842463054

  3. Dixith H - 9629889088

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