The Ultimate Manager

Have you ever felt the urge to lead? To analyze, solve, execute and most importantly, to MANAGE? Do you think you have what it takes to be a manager? Do you have the perseverance, discipline, and ability to take action? To be a successful manager, a strong conviction is the key.

Team Pragyan is coming up with this event to hone your hidden managerial skills and unearth The Ultimate Manager in you!   If you think you have that confidence which can sway the world in the direction of your wisdom, then come and prove it! Analyze, explore and unleash your hidden caliber; let your ideas burn bright!

Be the ‘Ultimate Manager’!

The online quiz has ended. If you missed it, you can take the offline quiz at Pragyan. You can contact us for more details.

Date and Time:
16th March 2019 (Day 2) - 13:00 PM
17th March 2019 (Day 3) - 12:00 PM
Venue: Orion

Prizes worth INR 40000

  • ROUND 1 – InQUIZitive                - Day 1
  • ROUND 2 – War of Strategies       - Day 1
  • ROUND 3 – Startup Night             - Day 2
  • ROUND 4 – Gavel                         - Day 2
  • ROUND 5 – The Ultimatum            - Day 2


ROUND 1 – InQUIZitive

  • Online and offline - Participants should opt either online or offline.

  • Online quiz is happening on 24th Feb 2019.

  • Offline round will be happening in the Pragyan.

  • Preliminary elimination round

  • 30 questions  - No negative marking

  • Business Aptitude, BQuiz, Current Affairs etc.

  • Differing Weightage will be given to questions.

  • Individual Round

ROUND 2 – War of Strategies

  • Simple Game theory puzzles based on analytical and strategic situations.

  • The shortlisted members will divided into in Teams of 3 by the TUM team.

  • Bring your Laptops with internet connectivity.  

  • Each question’s answer is a password to open the next question so the team has to solve the problem of first question to get the password for the next question and so on

  • The teams has to solve the puzzle within the stipulated time will move to next round.

ROUND 3 – Startup Night

The Startup Night is an Overnight Event where the teams has to work on a startup plan by the next day.  The Topic for the Startup will be given on Day 1 of TUM and the team has to work on the given idea and come up with a Team Presentation(Given Format) the next day.

  • The TUM team will divided the shortlisted teams into Groups of 3.

  • Overnight task.

  • 1 minute for idea pitching

  • 5 minutes for PPT presentation.

  • 3 minutes for the panel Q&A session

  • Laptops are necessary

ROUND 4 – Gavel

  • This is an individual event.

  • Candidates are required to bid for a product. Bidding will go on for a minute and the highest bidder will get the product.

  • The next phase of the game is selling the product with a surprise twist to the judges in the best possible way.

  • 2 minutes to sell the product and 3 minutes for cross-questioning.

  • The final evaluation will be done on the basis of the presentation, creativity and the profit earned. Judges decision is final.

ROUND 5 – The Ultimatum

  • Each participant will be given a crisis situation related to a company and will get 30 minutes to research on the topic.
  • Judges and audience will simulate a live press conference environment.

  • Each participant will be given few minutes to address the press personnel followed by a question and answer session.

  • The participants have to come up with their own creative solutions and handle the situation.

  • Judges decision is final.

Judging Criteria:

  • Managerial skills

  • Analytical skills

  • Team work

  • Creativity

  • Stress handling

  • Problem solving abilities

  • Decision making skills


Will be given when the event starts.


Ques: What is The Ultimate Manager ‘19?

Ans:The Ultimate Manager is an event in Pragyan’19 that tests your business and managerial skills.


Ques: What is involved in this event? How many rounds does the event have?

Ans:We are going to test the managerial capabilities of an individual through a series of rounds.The event consists of five rounds. The first round is a business quiz. All the rounds are eliminative. The qualifying candidates move to the next round.


Ques:Who can participate in this event?

Ans:It is open to all students.  


Ques: How to register for the event?

Ans:Register online/ On-spot registration (Limited)



  1. Praveen Kumar D - 7299563749

  2. Rohit Kumar - 9560533211

  3. Dixith H - 9629889088

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