An online treasure hunt event that tests your technical and analytical skills. This event will require immense general knowledge, absolute prowess over the art of decoding clues and a lot of common sense coupled with a faithful internet connection.

site :

There are several levels, once you clear one level you will be directed to the next level. In each level clues will be hidden in the web page itself. All you need to do is to find the clues and find the answer that relates all the clues and put the answer in the input box provided.


  • Each question has an unique answer, which must be entered inorder to reach the next level.
  • The overall leaderboard will rank players based on the total points secured in descending order.
  • Points are calculated as follows : 
  1. Solving a level (till level 50) awards the player with 200 points.
  2. The first player to crack a level gets bonus points. Everyone else gets the base 200 points only.
  3. Levels 51+ don’t award bonus points when solved first, but instead offer 400 points to every player who solves them.

Bonus points are awarded as follows :
Level 0             : No bonus points
Level 1 - 20      : 10 bonus points
Level 21 - 30    : 20 bonus points
Level 31 - 40    : 30 bonus points
Level 41 - 50    : 50 bonus points

Daily Prizes and Leaderboard system: 

  • There are 2 leaderboards, the main/overall leaderboard and the daily leaderboard. 
  • The main leader board is solely based on the points. 
  • The daily leaderboard is based only on levels solved.
  • Each day has a level cap, i.e. the last question any player can solve on that day, the next question will only available on the next day. So, the person to solve the last level on a specific day(except the last day of the hunt) will win the daily prize.
  • All the answers are lowercase alphanumeric without spaces and special characters(unless specified otherwise). For Example, if the answer to Level 0 is Pragyan 2k19, enter “pragyan2k19”.
  • Think twice before giving any answers to your friends. Generocity doesn’t fetch you points. It’s each player for himself.
  • All decisions by the event managers are final and binding.

Judging Criteria:
Judging Criteria for main leaderboard :

  • Players are ranked based on the points they score. 
  • Top 3 players on the leaderboard at the end of the hunt will be declared as winners.
  • If there is a tie in the points scored, then the participant who solved more number of levels is ranked higher. 
  • Even if there is a tie for the number of levels solved, then participant who solved the last level first (based on the time) is ranked higher.

Judging Criteria for daily prizes :

  • A participant can get prize only for one day i.e., if the participant tops the leaderboard at the end of a day for more than one day, then the participant gets the prize only for the latest day. 
  • The overall winner won’t qualify for any of the daily prizes. If he/she has won any daily prize, then it will carry over to the next player on the daily leaderboard of that day.
  • Prize money for top 3
    1.Rs. 12.5 K
    2.Rs. 7.5 K
    3.Rs. 5 K

    Daily Prizes :
    1.Rs. 500
    2.Rs. 600
    3.Rs. 700
    4.Rs. 800
    5.Rs. 1100
    6.Rs. 1300

Find the answer keys to next level in the present level. This applies to all the levels. Clues include images, audio/visual info, page URL and source code of the page. Additional clues will be given by the moderators on the forum.


Q) What is Labyrinth?

A) Labyrinth is a pre Pragyan event. It is an online treasure hunt event that involves solving the clues provided at each level.


Q) Who can participate in the event?

A) Anyone who has got their name registered will be provided with Pragyan ID, with these you can participate in the event.


Q) How is the ranking system?

A) Players are ranked based on the points they score.


Q) Where to find the clues?

A) Clues will be present anywhere on the Labyrinth webpage. Common places are Page title, URL and source code. The images and texts given are obvious clues.


Q) What to do if i am stuck on a level?

A) Try to unearth all the clues. If you get any queries then start the discussion on the forum.(Discussing or sharing answers will not be entertained).


Q) What if the answers have more than one word?

A) The correct way to enter the answer is to type WITHOUT SPACES OR PUNCTUATION between the words. All the answers will be in lowercase. Eg-If the answer is ‘Tokyo, Japan’ then you must enter as “tokyojapan” (without quotes).


Q) Do I need any prerequisites?

A) Zero skills are needed to participate in this event. Just out of the box thinking and Googling skills will help you most of the times.



  1. Anshuman Agrawal: +91 76750 12631
  2. Tarun Kumar: +91 94874 89037
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