Does the sound of puzzles and problems get you excited? Imagine yourself filled in a room of puzzles. The only way to get out is by solving all of them in the most efficient way possible. Featuring a range of intriguing puzzles, paramount problems and mind-blowing riddles, this one-of-a-kind mathematical event seeks to bring out the Edward Nygma in you. Do you have what it takes to be the Riddler? Find out.

Prizes worth INR 20000

site : pragyan.org/mdecoder

This is an online event spanning for four days and will be open for 3 hours each day from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM. The participant can start the contest anytime within this time frame and will be allowed to play for 90 minutes from his start time till the portal has been closed.

The event will have 3 sections (hard, medium and easy). The participant will be directed to the hard section at first and the other sections remain locked. Once the participant feels the need to shift to the next section (medium), he can permanently lock the hard section and move on to the medium section. The same procedure is applicable for the transition from medium to easy. The participant with most points at the end of the third day wins.

Missed out on a day of participation? Worry not. You can still solve the previous day's questions in that 3 hour period the next day. As you may expect, the scores will be reduced for those problems. For further details about scoring, please visit judging criteria. You can only see questions from the immediate previous day. That is, you cannot see 1st day's questions on 3rd day.


  • This is an individual event.

  • Participants are required to login to the portal between 7:00 PM and 10:00 PM on each day to compete.


Judging Criteria:


  • Hard - 1000
  • Medium - 600
  • Easy - 300



  • Hard - 500
  • Medium - 300
  • Easy - 150

Scorecurr =Scoremax - (Scoremax*time)/(Scoremax+time)

Scorecurr = Current Score Scoremax = Maximum Score time in seconds

Will be provided when the event starts.


Q) What are the weights assigned to each section?

A) Hard - 1000 points

    Medium - 600 points

    Easy - 300 points


Q) What if many people copy my answer?

A) For each section, the scoring starts out with maximum points and reduces as time progress. The formula is given in Judging Criteria. The minimum number of points a person can score is capped at (Max points for section)/2 i.e. Hard – 500, Medium - 300 and Easy - 150.


Q) Can I come back to the Hard section after I finish Easy?

A) No, you can not. The sections are permanently locked.


Q) What happens if I finish before time?

A) Your score is locked and you can’t proceed to earlier sections


Q) Will spare time be carried over to succeeding days?

A) No.



  1.  Lochan – +91 91540 32222
  2.  Naveen – +91 96298 89445
  3. Tarun Kumar  – +91 94874 89037
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