Are you a fan of CSI, Criminal Minds or Sherlock? If you are, then this is the event for you. Testing your logical and analytical skills, this event will challenge you to find clues from given evidence, fight your case and bust open a crime.

The event consists of three rounds

     Round 1:

  • This will be a written round.

  • This round will test your reasoning and aptitude.

  • This round will have negative marking.

  • It is an eliminative round.

     Round 2:

  • Around 8-10 teams will be shortlisted for this round.

  • This round will test your skills in forensics analysis.

     Round 3:

  • The top 5 teams will race against time to solve the crime scenes around them.



  • Maximum of three members per team.

  • Usage of any electronic device during the event is strictly prohibited.

  • The decision of the event managers will be deemed final.


Judging Criteria:

Round 1:

  • Marks scored.

Round 2:

  • Number of cases solved.

  • Negative marks will be awarded for each hint/clue taken.

Round 3:

  • Time taken to solve the crime scene.

  • Hints deduced/found.

Will be provided when the event starts.


Ques:Who can participate?

Ans:Team members from any college and course of study can participate.


Ques: Are cross-college teams allowed?

Ans:Yes. Any student from any college can participate along with any other, provided they have valid IDs.



  1.  Ashrai Paul – 9092580975
  2. Tarun Kumar – 9487489037
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