To all those design and racing freaks, the time has come for the gala event to show your talents in aero-modelling and drone racing. This is the ultimate combat of competence. It is a battle that tests the limits of aerodynamics. All it takes is to fabricate a quadcopter whose speed, manoeuvrability and design will be tested, along with its handling on various tracks.

Date: 17th March 2019 (Day 3)
Time: 9:00 AM
Venue: GJCH

Prizes worth INR 60000                                                                                         Upload Abstract

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  • Participants have to submit the abstract of their quad design in a specified format on or before 8th Mar, 2019 (extended).
  • The format of abstract must be downloaded from here :  quadcombat_abstract_format     
  • Participants have to mail a video abstract of their quad design to show the quad in operation on or before 12th March, 2019 (extended).


Round 1:

  • We will check the basic maneuverability of the quad like the control on the quad and the lift of the quad (Includes take off, landing and taking turn etc..,).

  • This round is to ensure that they can safely control their quad and to prevent any mis- happenings in the further rounds. This is an eliminative round and those who are able to perform simple maneuvers (control on quad) can move on to next round.

Round 2 (Design, Quality and Maneuverability)

  • In this round the design standard of the quadcopter will be evaluated.

  • Participant have to maneuver the Quad through the obstacles with the given standard payload (Obstacle Clearance with Payload).

  • They have to traverse the path and come back without touching any obstacles and the time taken is noted.

  • Each quad will be given two chances to complete the round and the best of the two is taken into consideration.


  • Maximum 5 members per team

  • The Quadcopter must fit into box of dimension 500*500*300mm

  • Members of the team can be from different colleges

  • Mass of quadcopter should be at max 2.5 Kg

  • Use of ready-made actuators/motors, remote control units, electronic speed controllers and propellers is allowed.

  • Teams should bring their own remote controls, and they must operate at 2.4 GHz. Radios with any other frequency are prohibited for use during the event

  • Ready to use kits and readymade building kits are strictly prohibited.

  • All the resources provided at the time of competition from the organizers should be strictly used only after the consent of the organizers.




  • Negative points shall be furnished if the quad touches the ground

  • Points will be given on the basis of the time they take to complete the task. Lesser the time taken, more the points scored.

  • In case of a tie, the RC skills of the team shall be taken into account.

  • Hitting any obstacle in the track will cause penalty.

  • If the drone moves outside the track points will be deducted as penalty.

To fabricate a Quadcopter that will be tested for its speed, maneuverability and handling on various tracks. The participant is required to build a RC quadcopter.


Ques:Is it maximum of 5 people or strictly a team of 5?

Ans: It’s a maximum of 5, but no special credit for teams with lesser participants.


Ques: Are UG-PG collaboration teams and cross college teams allowed?

Ans: Yes.Participants must be students enrolled in a university/college.  



  1. Anil Kumar- 9566642645

  2. Soham-9527402060

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