BIZ Quiz

An exciting quiz event that tests your knowledge and understanding of the Business world. Questions are offered to test your knowledge about the business world.

Date: 16th March 2019 (Day 2)
Time: 3:00 PM
Venue: Orion

Prizes worth INR 12000

  • A preliminary written round of around 30 questions will be conducted for all the teams (max 3 members).
  • Top 8 teams will qualify for the final round.

  • Finals will consist of written themed rounds and standard dries (4 sets each subject to change).



  • Written prelims

  • Top 8 teams qualify for the final round.

  • Use of the internet and other electronic devices lead to disqualification.

  • Decision of the event managers is final and bounding.


Judging criteria:

         A  team of 3 take prelims of around 30 questions and the top 8 teams from prelims qualify for the finals, the format for which will be revealed during the finals.


Will be given when the event starts.


Q) What is Biz Quiz?

A) This is a quiz which covers various topics of business, companies, and things related to them.


Q) Who can participate in Biz Quiz?

A) Anyone who has a Pragyan ID can participate in this event. To register for Pragyan and get a Pragyan ID, please register at our website.



  1. Sujith Karthik: +91 86818 73315

  2. Himaja Krishna: +91 91820 85390

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