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Modern world is one that is fast - paced with innovations, breakthroughs, and discoveries in line to steal the limelight every single day. Pragyan, NIT Trichy, by itself is a fest celebrating such an era of progress. But, progress isn’t always synonymous to progressive. As we collectively move forward, are we in fact as open-minded as we should be?


At Pragyan, we believe that in order for advancements to amount to better standards of living, we need to acknowledge every difference and appreciate every experience. Saluting the fact that each person has a story behind their tough life choices, we present to you the second edition of the initiative closest to our hearts, the HUMAN LIBRARY, in association with Human Library of Hyderabad.


This is a concept that today’s progressive minds have put together. Do not judge a book by its cover, and do not determine a person by their appearances, choices or actions. At the Human Library, humans are the “books” that you will be “lent”, their myriad of life adventures being the “story” you “borrow” to “read”. This is your chance to widen up your field of thinking and see life through a different pair of eyes for an hour.


So hurry up and register soon, for it is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that can change many lives.  


#1 Vegan for the Animals

Vegan for the Animals – Most people have the common misconception that vegans are judgmental and preachy. I am here to challenge that generalization and to talk about my vegan journey; as well as the plight of billions of animals. With my time here, I hope to inspire individuals to make more compassionate lifestyle choices.



#2 The Turncoat

Atheism, a word that gives rise to skepticism among countless people of faith; a word that has been outlawed in most religions and branded as a sign of the highest order.

What happens when one leaves such a faith in a world that is seemingly being held hostage by two extreme ends of the political spectrum?

Come sit down as this turncoat unveils what it means to leave faith in this politically charged environment.



#3 Erotica Writer

Erotica: Noun.

Erotic art or literature.

Erotica means works of art that show or describe sexual activity and which are intended to arouse sexual feelings of love.

I am glad if my Erotica can do that. It is meant to titillate.

What it isn't meant to do it for the reader to consider the writer horny, easy and available.

And when a woman is penning about desires and pleasures, is a society that largely stigmatizes sex, she is seldom spared of this generalization. I am not spared either. But does that stop me from writing what I like to write? No.



#4 Don't "Dis" my Abilities

Subject of "inspiration porn", seen as the "aspect of pity"... ever thought how we can be more disabled by the society that by our bodies?

I was born with phocomelia; a rare, congenital arms deformity. But I seek the same things that anyone else in the world wants: to make this society a better, less prejudiced place to live in. And while doing so, I reject ableism: the systematic discrimination against the disabled that defines people by their disabilities and views them as inferior to the non-disabled.

Read to know more.



#5 Daredevil? not quite

Hi, I’m Preetham and I do not have hearing superpowers or fight crime on the streets of New York. What I do have is a visual impairment caused by a rare genetic condition, an MBA from India’s best B-school and the grit, determination, tool, and support to go live my dream.

Every day, I fight discrimination, systemic bias and ignorance to make the world a more inclusive place.

Now I sit with you and reflect on my life’s story, experiences, and some incredible people. Everything that brought this slightly insecure kid worried about his future to a point where I think of myself as an ambitious go-getter.

So come, join me in an honest discussion about dreams, disability, and determination. Also, learn how you can help me accomplish my ultimate mission.



#6 Can grief and happiness coexist?

After a tragic accident in the family that left me in emotional mayhem, I slowly started taking baby steps towards healing. Suddenly, every positive emotion I expressed during my grief attracted the judgmental eye of the society that asked "How can she smile? I guess she is not so sad after all..."

Were they right? If yes, I'd like to ask; can grief and happiness coexist?



#7 Young Politician
A leader and pleader, this book comes as a breath of fresh air in a country where the youth is only going further away from the concept of politics and governance. Listen to his tales of operating as a leader of the youth wing of a political party, the ups and downs that checked his patience and his sincere thoughts towards servant leadership while he answers your many questions on, WHY politics? 


#8 You are gay?! But it’s not natural!

Right. Do you know what else is unnatural? Airplanes, phones, your eye-glasses, that can of coke, those extra fresh vegetables, and that pacemaker in your heart.




#9 My Happy Size

I was not prepared for the shift of pampering into criticism from the family. I stopped loving food but fell in love with emotional eating. The glow of my skin reduced but my weight kept on increasing. I no longer laughed out loud but pushed myself to give a fake smile. Who is to be blamed? Society? Or self?

Unveiling the untold stories, a first-hand account of widely discussed but hardly understood, Body Shaming.



#10 Mothering LGBT Children

As a mother of a single child, I had dreams like most parents until one day, my son told me of his dream. That moment marked the beginning of my new journey.



#11 Springs of Life

I’m Dharmana Shanmuka Rao from Hyderabad. It was on 7th December 2013 that I met with an unfortunate accident due to which I’m a below-knee amputee today.

But, guess what? My passion for running and cycling only drove me to prove that nothing is impossible. 
To this day, I've completed more than 7000+ KMs in Cycling and participated in 70+ events.

And covered 800+ km cycle ride in 5 days for the cause of Road Safety and Organ Donation. All of it, as a para-athlete.


#12 Oh! Bihari!

One of the biggest stereotype seen in our Incredible India is faced by a person coming from Bihar. And if you face it at the back of an IIT degree, successful professional life and a soft-spoken persona, there has to be something special about this regionalism as they often exclaim after every introduction, Oh! Bihari!


#13 “I love you, and you, and you”

Have you ever been in love with more than one person at the same time? Do you feel uncomfortable at the thought of being in a relationship with just one person for the rest of your life?

Maybe you aren’t a slut or a commitment-phobe; maybe you are polyamorous.




Day 2 (March 16th, 2019) Day 3 (March 17th, 2019)

Slot 1: 10.15 AM to 10.50 AM
Slot 2: 11.05 AM to 11.40 AM
Slot 3: 11.55 AM to 12.30 PM
Slot 4: 12.45 PM to 1:20 PM

Slot 1: 10.15 AM to 10.50 AM
Slot 2: 11.05 AM to 11.40 AM
Slot 3: 11.55 AM to 12.30 PM
Slot 4: 12.45 PM to 1:20 PM



Slot 5: 2.30 PM to 3.05 PM
Slot 6: 3.20 PM to 3.55 PM
Slot 5: 2.30 PM to 3.05 PM
Slot 6: 3.20 PM to 3.55 PM


1. The Reader must respect the Book, even if he/she does not share their opinions, beliefs or view of life. The Human Library is based on mutual respect.

2. The Human Book may return to the library before the time limit has been reached if the Book feels hurt or mistreated.

3. The organizers have the right to remove the reader from the session if there is any disrespect shown towards the books.

4. The loan period for a book is for 35 minutes

5. Please do not use cell phones during your conversation session

6. The human books welcome your questions

7. The Reader is not allowed to ask the Human Book for personal contact information.

8. If you feel uncomfortable during a conversation with a human book, you can:

  • Steer the conversation back to a more comfortable discussion
  • Ask for assistance from staff
  • End the conversation & inform staff
  • Do not hesitate to ask library staff for assistance at any time

9. The Reader should return the Book in the same emotional and physical condition as it was taken out.

10. All requests for further contact should be through Pragyan



Readers have participated in the much acclaimed Human Library events all around the world in various ways. They have done so too -

  • Step outside their comfort zone and challenge themselves by talking to a human book whose experiences or beliefs are different from their own

  • Talk to a book that they can relate to

  • Out of curiosity

  • To step into someone else’s shoes

  • To learn more about a topic or the book’s experience



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