Smart design using Solidworks

Being able to quickly adapt your product development process to satisfy new market demands requires fast and efficient multi-discipline design. SOLIDWORKS empowers you to meet this challenge by providing a single collaborative solution for creating, simulating, and managing your design data, which speeds up the design process.To simplify that, SOLIDWORKS provides a suite of software suites that provide a single collaborative solution for creating, simulating, communicating, and managing your design data, bringing a greater level of connection and clarity to the process of designing components of systems. The takeaways from this workshop  :

                                    1. Learning to implement 2D & 3D sketch

                                    2. Feature [Part model]

                                    3. Drawing[Drafting]

                                    4. Surface Modelling 




Morning Session


 Sketch entities - lines, rectangles, circles, arcs, ellipses, centerlines  

 Sketch tools - offset, convert, trim  

 Sketch relations 
  Boss and cut features - extrudes, revolves, sweeps, lofts

  Fillets and chamfers

  Draft  

 Shell  

 Hole Wizard

  Linear, circular, and fill patterns  

 Linked dimensions  

 Equations  

 Mirror

 Dimensions

 Feature conditions – start and end  

 Multi-body parts 


Afternoon Session


 Inserting components - new and existing  

 Standard mates and advanced mates  

 Reference geometry – planes, axis, mate references  

 Interference detection

  Move/Rotate component  

 Assembly features 


 Spline creation

 3D curve creation

 Boundary surface

 Filled surface

 Swept surface

 Planar Surface

 Knit Surface  

 Trim Surface 

 Base Flange

 Edge flange

 Miter flange

 Closed corner 

 Forming Tools

 Vent

 K-Factor 


An email eclosing the payment link will be sent to the participant's registered email address after registration. A registration fee of INR 700 is to be paid towards Pragyan,NIT Trichy to complete the registration process for the workshop.

Date: 17th March

Number of participants per team: 1

Organiser: Dassault Systems

Duration : 6 Hours

Venue : Will be informed Soon

Sruthi : +91 9442778844

Omkar : +91 7992638625

Email Id :  or

1) Does the workshop have any prerequisites?

There are no prerequisites for the workshop. Any student with a background in Mechanical Engineering or similar can attend the workshop.


2) How should the payment be made for the workshop?

Payment can be made online. Payment guidelines will be mailed to the participant’s mail-id once registered.


3) On what basis are workshop registrations confirmed?

Registrations are confirmed after payment on first come first serve basis. Confirmation of your participation is subject to availability.


4) Will the fees paid for the workshop be refunded in case I fail to attend the workshop?

Fees once paid, is strictly non-refundable. Requests for refund will not be encouraged.


5) Will accommodation be provided?

Yes. We provide accommodation depending on the availability and your place of residence. You will have to register separately for that. Stay tuned to the website for updates on accommodation.


6) Will certificates be provided?

Yes. A certificate from Pragyan, the student-run ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 20121:2012 certified techno-managerial organisation of NIT Trichy will be provided after the completion of the workshop.

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