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Round 1 - Online Test:

  • This round will happen in the month of March, before Pragyan.

  • It will consist of multiple-choice questions. 

  • The test can be taken only once by a team.

  • 30 questions are to be solved in 60 minutes.

  • This round is eliminative.

Round 2 - Circuit Debugging:

  • This round will be held during Pragyan, at the National Institute of Technology, Trichy

  • Participants will be given a faulty circuit. They are expected to debug the circuit and give the correct output.

  • Round 2 is assessed based on the time taken and the closeness of the obtained output to the desired result. 

  • Virtual money for round 3 will be awarded to 8-10 selected teams.

Round 3 - Circuit Design:

  • Participants will be given a problem statement. 

  • They are required to design and build a circuit with the virtual money earned from the previous round.