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1) How many participants are allowed per team?
A maximum of three participants are allowed per team.

2) Do all participants have to be from the same college?
No. Members of a team can be from different colleges.

3) Are there any prerequisites for participating in this event?
Just a basic knowledge of electronics will suffice for participating in the event.

4) Is UG-PG collaboration allowed?
Yes. UG-PG collaborations are allowed.

5) When will I be notified if I am selected for the next round?
As soon as the online round is complete and evaluation is done, you will be intimated over a phone call/email, if qualified.



1) Nayana: +91 90482 70450
2) Tarun: +91 81075 56706
3) Santhosh: +91 95156 25875
4) Adith: +91 79939 92662