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Start Up Arena

If you have a unique idea worthy of a startup and think you have the ‘zing’ in you to become a successful entrepreneur, then the arena is all set for you. Present your entrepreneurial ideas and become the forerunners in the race for sustainable development.

Prize Money INR 30,000

On-campus Round Date: 15th March 2020

Visit: dare2compete-startup-arena

Deadline for abstract submission is 7th March 2020.

Round 1 – Abstract Submission

  • Interested applicants must send in an abstract, stating their idea in brief along with the theme behind the idea, and the problems they wish to tackle by setting up the startup. 

  • Teams will be shortlisted based on the judging criteria. 

Round 2 – Case Study

  • This is a written round.

  • Business and entrepreneurship related problem statements will be provided.

  • The questions will be of multiple choice type.

  • Duration – 40 mins.

Round 3 – Business Plan Presentation

  • The teams need to present the business plan of their company in the form of a presentation.

  • Time limit for presentation is 10 minutes. Time limit enforcement will be strict.

  • After the presentation, the team will have to defend their startup by answering the questions of the judges. This session will last for 2-4 minutes.


  • There should be two members in a team.

  • Teams are required to clarify all doubts before the presentation of their ideas.

  • No plagiarism in ideas or thoughts will be accepted.

  • Teams are responsible for any personal items brought to the event.

  • Vulgarity will not be entertained.

  • The decision of the judges will be final and binding.


Judging criteria:

Round 1 – Abstract Submission

  • Uniqueness of the idea

Round 2 – Case Study

  • Number of total credits gained after answering the questions 

Round 3 – Business Plan Presentation

  • Presentation organization

  • Appeal of the product

  • Spontaneity, reasoning, and confidence while answering questions.

  • Economic aspect of the idea

  • Practicality

Will be updated soon.


1) Do I have to be present on both days?
Yes. As the rounds proceed in a systematic stage-wise manner, you need to be present for all stages.

2) Where should I submit the abstract?
You need to upload the abstract by clicking on the link provided at the Pragyan Website.

3) How do I make the business plan?
A business plan format will be sent to your registered email ID, in case your abstract is selected. The plan must be made according to the format.

4) Do I have to pay any registration fees?
There are no registration fees for participating in the event.

5) Do I need a team?
Yes, the event requires to participate in teams of 2 members.

6) Will accommodation be provided?
If you are selected for further rounds, then accommodation will be provided.

7) Do I need to get a laptop?
This is your personal choice. It is not mandatory, but if you bring it, you are responsible for it.

8) What types of ideas can I pitch?
Any business idea (profit, ‘social businesses’, non-tech, etc.) can be pitched in the arena. The ideas must be realistic.

9) Can I submit abstracts for more than one idea?
Yes. However, you will be selected on the basis of the best of the ideas you have pitched.

10) Can I attend even if my idea is not selected?
You are most welcome to attend the event as a part of the audience. You can learn about a variety of ideas and implement your learning in the next edition of the event.

11) What resources will be provided on campus?
Required paper materials, pens, a laptop for the presentation day, and a projector will be provided.



Prakhar Singh: 75003 87838

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