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1) Do I have to be present on both days?
Yes. As the rounds proceed in a systematic stage-wise manner, you need to be present for all stages.

2) Where should I submit the abstract?
You need to upload the abstract by clicking on the link provided at the Pragyan Website.

3) How do I make the business plan?
A business plan format will be sent to your registered email ID, in case your abstract is selected. The plan must be made according to the format.

4) Do I have to pay any registration fees?
There are no registration fees for participating in the event.

5) Do I need a team?
Yes, the event requires to participate in teams of 2 members.

6) Will accommodation be provided?
If you are selected for further rounds, then accommodation will be provided.

7) Do I need to get a laptop?
This is your personal choice. It is not mandatory, but if you bring it, you are responsible for it.

8) What types of ideas can I pitch?
Any business idea (profit, ‘social businesses’, non-tech, etc.) can be pitched in the arena. The ideas must be realistic.

9) Can I submit abstracts for more than one idea?
Yes. However, you will be selected on the basis of the best of the ideas you have pitched.

10) Can I attend even if my idea is not selected?
You are most welcome to attend the event as a part of the audience. You can learn about a variety of ideas and implement your learning in the next edition of the event.

11) What resources will be provided on campus?
Required paper materials, pens, a laptop for the presentation day, and a projector will be provided.



Prakhar Singh: 75003 87838