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Pragyan, under the banner of social responsibility, has undertaken a number of initiatives, both inside and outside campus, to better the lives of those around. 


Kicking the initiatives off with a flagship social responsibility event, Pragyan conducted Dhisai on 27th September 2019. It is an event which aims to educate school students about JEE, and the opportunities it brings along.

The initiative consisted of a day-long awareness tour of the NIT Trichy campus (in batches) where they got to see the academic facilities in a detailed fashion. They were also issued formulae and key booklets which would help them with their academics. The students were then given a detailed address about JEE, which is sure to go a long way in helping the aspirants.




Campus Development Week

The next wave of initiatives were organised in the form of a Campus Development Week. Phase 1 of the same took place from 20th October 2019 to 25th October 2019. 

To kickstart things, a free workshop on IoT was conducted in collaboration with Siemens: COE on 20th October in celebration of the CDW. The workshop was one which was of use to everyone who attended, and was a grand success.

The initiatives that were undertaken are listed below:

  • A signing campaign named One Less Light was conducted at the LHC which encouraged students to switch off electrical appliances when not in use, by giving them a glimpse of how much can be saved if little steps are taken, occasionally.

  • P. E. A. R. L. S., an all-in-one website for information on Projects, Exams, Associated Resources, Links and Scholarships went live during this
    time as well.

  • Considering the rains which were becoming more and more prevalent, posters were released on social media platforms to enlighten students about the different things they could do to keep themselves free from sickness during the time.

  • e-Waste bins were installed in the LHC, Orion and old SAC so as to emphasise their distinction from the other wastes generated on campus.

  • An effort was made to cheer students up and improve their state of mind by giving them cheerful notes along with their bill on purchase of anything from the Cafe Coffee Day outlet in campus on the 24th of October.





The last social responsibility event was organised in the form of Catalyst, on 4th December 2019. The day catalysed smiles on the faces of children from Panchayat Union School, Vazhavandankottai. In an attempt to give back to the society which provides technology a supportive field to flourish, Pragyan took up the task of imparting basic knowledge of Science, Maths and English to the students.

The one-day flagship Social Responsibility event employed many demonstrations and activities to make the experience of learning, a fun one. The Origami activity at the end of the day gave students an opportunity to display their creative side, bringing smiles on their faces. The impetus to bring about a significant change in the society was well-received, rendering the event a grand success.



Young Techie

A new event named Young Techie has been conceived. It is a 6-week long project development program for students of Class VIII-X in and around Trichy. The final projects will be mentored by the technical clubs of NIT Trichy and displayed during Pragyan.