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The flawed ideal comes back to haunt the EU

Brexit-To fret or not to fret?

A 2.8 trillion-dollar equity loss, apparently eclipsing the equity losses from the Black Monday crash of 1987 and the capsizing of the Lehman Brothers juggernaut in 2008. The pound at 1.3122$, a 30-year low. The Euro down to 1.0912$. Happening over a single day since the historic referendum in the United Kingdom, all the signs

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Sangam Projects and Exhibitions at Pragyan 2015

Sangam Innovative concrete The various novelty concretes on display were: Pervious Translucent Styrofoam Recycled Flotation capable Smart bike The smart bike is an interesting contraption which allows the rider to pump air merely by riding the bicycle. It works by using a linkage to convert the rotary motion of the pedals to translatory motion of

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Hotspot for LBW appeal

Technology In Cricket

Technology is the reason for the revolution of every single aspect of human life and entertainment& sports have not shied away from this. Sports have traditionally revolved around the silent duties of the referee, the umpire, who have relied on their reflexes, training, sight, hearing and judgment to make an instantaneous call under game pressure.

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