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The Leaning Tower of Pisa – Architectural Marvel or Engineering Failure?

Just another sunny day in Tuscany, Italy when.. Tourist Guide(TG): Do you know what makes the Tower of Pisa lean? Tourist 1(T1): It doesn’t eat much? T1 : Ugh, well how’s the security arrangements around the tower? TG : They’re pretty leanient. 😛 And yes, this is how an unintended tilt due to an engineering

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Grappling with Gravity!

“This was truly a scientific moonshot, and we did it, we landed on the moon.” – Not the words of Armstrong but the new ambassador of science to common man – David Reitze executive director, LIGO (Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory). Predictability is one thing in a cloud chamber where two particles collide at the end

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The Monday Market – When it all came down

MONDAY – 24/08/2015 Not a very promising day at the Stock Markets across the world. This Monday ,witnessed markets plunging worldwide ,after the biggest slide in Chinese stocks since 2007. The media has called this scenario a “bloodbath” and rightly so,for this seems to be the worst market crash since 2008 and the atmosphere is filled

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Little Things Matter

Do you know how a potentiometer works? What is the viscosity of water? Which is better, selection or insertion sort? What are the symptoms of cancer? Difference between fiscal and revenue deficit? Yes of course you know all this (or at least most). Didn’t we all sit and cram these topics all night right before the exams?

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