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The Leaning Tower of Pisa โ€“ Architectural Marvel or Engineering Failure?

Just another sunny day in Tuscany, Italy when.. Tourist Guide(TG): Do you know what makes the Tower of Pisa lean? Tourist 1(T1): It doesnโ€™t eat much? T1 : Ugh, well how’s the security arrangements around the tower? TG : They’re pretty leanient. ๐Ÿ˜› And yes, this is how an unintended tilt due to an engineering

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How to choose the best Music for Maximum Productivity

It is common observation that listening to the right kind of music can get you pumped up to focus on your tasks, but at the same time, the wrong kind of music can completely deviate you from where you started. Some others don’t prefer to listen to music at all while working. So here’s a

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D-I-Y Emergency Phone Charger And Emergency Lighting Systems

Learn How to Tackle a Power Outage Like a Boss! When there is a sudden power blackout and it seems like the electricity is not going to come back anytime soon,you panic. You find yourself in a situation which demands you to be confined within the four walls of your house with the battery levels

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