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Automated Driving- Part 2: Benefits Beyond Boundaries

The advantages of autonomous driving are not exclusive to the transportation industry. The technology finds useful applications in other walks of life as well. Consider for example the impact in the healthcare sectors. Autonomous cars are definitely the way forward in preventing accidents caused by tired, frustrated humans. Moreover most autonomous cars can be designed

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Automated Driving – Part 1: A new kind of futurism

David Hasselhoff climbs up his self-driving super-car KITT and revs it up. The car receives instructions through the macho voice of The Hoff. And, the car flies away…into the sets of his next flick: Baywatch. The above sequence of events is all too familiar for fans of the 80’s sci-fi TV series, Knight Rider. Back

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The Flying Taxi – A Dream turned Reality Tired of honking horns, steering wheels and never ending loop of suggested shortcuts? Ever wished to own a Ford Anglia 105E or the least a personalized flying vehicle? Someone’s heard your prayers! Ehang – A Chinese Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) company has recently unveiled the world’s first

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The Exploding Note 7 – Batteries under Pressure

With New Year round the corner, there are already fireworks in the air. The latest contributor to these fireworks is, undoubtedly, the now infamous Samsung Galaxy Note 7. With over 35 incidents of exploding smartphone batteries worldwide, Samsung decided to recall the devices before they burnt into their consumer base. Adding fuel to the fire

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