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How to choose the best Music for Maximum Productivity

It is common observation that listening to the right kind of music can get you pumped up to focus on your tasks, but at the same time, the wrong kind of music can completely deviate you from where you started. Some others don’t prefer to listen to music at all while working. So here’s a

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Ranking on Google

Frantic ‘googling’ for the link to the movie review website, clicks the first link, reads the review and well, disappointed; clicks the second link, a different perspective. So, which one to believe? On an average 3.5 billion searches are made on Google every day! How does Google rank these websites on their search engine? This question

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Keyboard Shortcuts!

Imagine the amount of time you’d save if instead of spending those few seconds on getting to the mouse pad and clicking on the ‘X’ button to close, you simply tap on the ‘Alt’ and ‘F4’ options on the keyboard and BAM, close the current page.   A lot I tell you, if you master

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