Pragyan Youth Summit

Pragyan, NIT Trichy aims to create a dialogue and provide a platform for active discussion and debate to the youth through the Pragyan Youth Summit. This year, brace yourself for a bigger and better edition with the perfect blend of guest lectures, panel discussions, events and workshops.

Presenting to you the theme of Pragyan Youth Summit 2018 - Mission Smart Cities. The path towards a smarter India involves intricate planning, reliable infrastructure and efficient use of technology to support the rise of these sustainable and self-reliant communities. The Pragyan Youth Summit (PYS) aims to discuss the role of avant-garde technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things in the formulation of innovative solutions to problems which impede India's way to becoming a smarter nation. These technologies are primed to enable greater levels of automation, connectivity, and control - thereby bringing us the technology of tomorrow, today.

The Summit looks to serve for the needs and aspirations of the citizens of the country by developing a ‘smart’ ecosystem which is represented by the four pillars of comprehensive development - institutional, physical, social and economic infrastructure.

Pragyan, NIT Trichy invites you to experience an exhilarating extravaganza, run entirely by the youth for the youth, and join us in our quest towards a smarter India.

Keynote Address

Bipin Pradeep Kumar

Bipin is the co-founder and director at Gaia Smart Cities, a start up in the IoT sphere aimed at providing city-scale solutions, and has over 17 years of experience working with mobile and telecom companies. ...



With us, the present generation, there is no dearth of out-of-the-box ideas. All we require is a medium to express the idea and bring it to life.

If you have an interesting idea to add about the technological developments in building smart cities, then this is the time for you to shine. Pitch your idea, get early validation and holistic feedback of the same and prove your worth to win prizes worth INR 20,000!

The event's audience, ranging from seasoned investors and influencers to the young college crowd, will pave way for constructive feedback from all fronts.

Pitch format

  1. The pitch should be presented as a PowerPoint presentation.
  2. The presentation can go on for a maximum of 4 minutes with an additional 2 minutes for panel questioning.
  3. Participants should submit a brief write-up about the pitch in MS Word .doc or .docx format, with a maximum of 500
  4. words. Mail it to on or before 17th January 2018.
  5. Shortlisted participants will be notified through email.
  6. Only the shortlisted participants will be allowed to pitch their idea in summit.

Judging Criteria

  1. Delivery of the presentation as a whole, the pitch, and the Q&A session.
  2. Growth potential of the product idea.
  3. Feasibility of implementing the idea.
  4. Impact in society.


  1. Participant should strictly follow the given time.
  2. Obscenity in language will not be tolerated.
  3. Time constraints must be strictly adhered to.
  4. Judges’ decision is final and binding.

PANEL DISCUSSION - Changing Technology for Future Cities


The first step towards remodeling an existing city to a Smart City would be to identify key flaws in the current setup and to propose ways to eliminate them. Technology holds the answers to many of today's challenges; the right perspective can help us in harnessing technology to the fullest. With this in mind, in this year's edition of the PYS Panel Discussion, we bring together speakers to ideate on the topic 'Changing Technology for Future Cities'. The panel comprises of thinkers, innovators and experts in the field who will discuss, analyze and propose solutions to common problems that plague Indian cities. These include but are not limited to the causes of traffic congestion, pollution, waste-management and how new technology like artificial intelligence and IoT can be used to address them. We hope this diverse panel puts forth many suggestions, policy changes and the implementation which the youth can look up to.

Founder, How India Lives


Mr. John Samuel Raja is one of the geniuses behind How India Lives (HIL), the Delhi-based data search and visualisation startup, which provides products like the Smart Cities Tracker, ...

National Solid Waste Association of India


Dr. Amiya Kumar Sahu is the founder of the first of its kind professional body in waste management in India, the National Solid Waste Association of India (NSWAI). As the Vice Chairman in Asia Pacific Waste and Environment Alliance ...

Foundation for Futuristic Cities


As an internationally acclaimed thought leader, columnist, keynote speaker and advisor on SMART CITIES, Ms. Karuna Gopal is a visionary in her field. She is the founder president of Foundation for Futuristic Cities, ...

Chief Mentor,
Smart City Transformations


Amitabh Satyam is the Chief Mentor at Smart Transformations, an organisation aiming to meet the dual objectives of sustainability and enhancing the quality of life. An IIT Kanpur graduate with an MBA from Fisher College of Business, ...

Principal Consultant,
Tata Consultancy Services


Raghavan is with Tata Consultancy Services, and is the Head of Digital Citizen and Connected Social Systems Research and Innovation Program within the CTO R&D Organization. This Research and Innovation program focuses on citizen centric Smart Cities ...

PYS Youth Talks


The right words possess the power to lift shrouds of doubt and distrust and to inspire action. PYS Youth Talk aims at bringing to you the idea, the challenges and the eventual success of one such young innovator in a concise yet power-packed 20 minute talk. The talk will be given by a successful young innovator whose creativity, expertise and determination have helped society move considerably further towards our mission - Smart Cities. We hope that this anecdote will engage the audience, leave an impact and hopefully instill in each person a strong will to contribute to the nation.

Founder and CEO of Kabadiwalla Connect

Youth Talk Speaker

Siddharth Hande is the founder and CEO of Kabadiwalla Connect, an award winning waste management solutions provider based in Chennai, India. Kabadiwalla Connect has been recognised by MIT, the World Bank, the UN Foundation, the World Economic Forum, and the Launch Circular Innovation Ecosystem. ...

CISCO Smart Cities Development Workshop

Workshop Introduction

Welcome to the Smart Cities Development Workshop, which aims to deliver the ideas necessary for thorough understanding of the urban landscape that an electronic makeover demands, to bring in the right technology and strategies that will be able to securely connect everything—people, data, devices, and processes—for optimized efficiency.

The need for a synchronised platform which offers a holistic and specialised approach to help solve problems, meet unique goals, and achieve desired outcomes has arisen. Are you prepared to present the world its evolved future?

Course Content

The Connected Digital Platform (CDP) is a novel technology that aggregates and correlates large amounts of data from various sources using extensive networks, as well as the Internet of Things (IoT). It also incorporates cloud computing to efficiently save and retrieve information. In the world of tomorrow, CDP will be one of the driving forces behind building smart communities.

  • Basics of Smart+Connected Digital Platform (CDP)
  • Simplified city management with solution architecture for Smart+Connected cities
  • CDP Architecture
  • CDP Dashboard and various domains in which CDP can be put to use
  • Programming with CDP
  • Basics of data sovereignty and security
  • Distributed city administration
  • Case studies

No prerequisites are necessary to attend this workshop.

About Cisco

Cisco Systems, Inc is an American multinational technology conglomerate that designs, manufactures, and sells Internet Protocol (IP) based networking and other products related to the communications and information technology industry worldwide.

A reflection of how they adapt to the need of the future, Cisco has been consistently ranked as a leading smart city provider in terms of strategy and execution. Learn more about their work at their portal for Smart+Connected Communities.


20th Jan 2018


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