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Pragyan 2011 - Anveshanam


Cash prizes increased to 35,000 INR !!!
List of selected papers is out!

Exploring the impossible……

Do you have an idea that can ignite a new dimension in a particular field of technology or act as a valuable addition to a conventional practice?? Have you ever analyzed a process or a machine and arrived at a significant conclusion regarding its performance, not yet known to the scientific fraternity??? If yes, here is the right platform for you to showcase your talent and enlighten the world with what you are aware of. And if you can reinforce your stand with impeccable reasoning and impress our eminent arbitrators, you might be fittingly rewarded.

Anveshanam, the paper presentation contest covers all streams of engineering, which have been broadly categorized under the following five clusters,

  • Building Science
  • Chemical and Material Sciences
  • Computer Sciences
  • Electrical Sciences
  • Mechanical Sciences and Production Technology

Undergraduate and Graduate students of all streams of engineering, along with those pursuing their degrees in Computer applications (BCA and MCA) are invited to send in their research papers.


The contest enables students from all streams of engineering to present their ideas in the form of a paper which they will present in front of an elite panel of judges.

Short-listing of Papers

  • Participants have to submit their papers (only full papers are accepted; abstracts will not be considered) to the Anveshanam Team through email at Formula: 0.
  • The papers will be divided into their respective clusters and sent for scrutiny.
  • The shortlisted participants will be notified by email (it would also be updated in the website).

Judging Criteria

The papers submitted will be judged on the following grounds.

  • Originality & Innovation
  • Technical Content
  • Clarity of Presentation
  • Practical Application

Papers will be awarded points based on this criteria and the decision is left to the Judge's discretion.

Topic Clusters

The various streams have been broadly classified in to:

  1. Electrical Sciences
  2. Computer Sciences
  3. Chemical and Material Sciences
  4. Mechanical Sciences and Production Technology
  5. Building Science

Note: Papers on topics other than those mentioned in each section are also welcome, if they
come under the purview of the streams mentioned above.


  • Power quality & HVDC
  • Power Electronic Devices and Applications
  • Programmable Logic Controller & Distributed Control System
  • VLSI / ULSI / FPGA - Design & Applications
  • MEMS
  • Wireless communication
  • Speech / Image processing
  • Fibre optics and optical communication
  • Blue tooth communication
  • Fuzzy Systems
  • Microwave Technology


  • Neural Networks
  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Cryptography and Network Security
  • Parallel and Distributed Computing
  • Visualization and Computer Graphics
  • Mobile Computing
  • Sensor Networks
  • Information Retrieval, Databases and Data Mining
  • Software Systems and Architecture
  • Multimedia Systems


  • Novel Separation Techniques
  • Process Dynamics, Modeling, Simulation & Control
  • Polymers
  • Heat and Mass transfer
  • Reaction engineering
  • Environmental Engineering & Non-Conventional Energy Sources
  • Biochemical engineering & Biotechnology
  • Nanotechnology
  • Ceramics, Composites and Advanced Materials
  • Mechanical Metallurgy
  • Powder Metallurgy
  • Computational Chemistry


  • Cryogenics, Air Conditioning/Refrigeration
  • Computational fluid dynamics
  • Advanced IC engines
  • Design innovations
  • Smart machines
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Production/ manufacturing technology
  • Newer trends in manufacturing
  • Advances in tool design
  • Optimization techniques



  • Innovative Materials and Smart Structures
  • Disaster Management and Rehabilitation of Damaged Structures
  • Advances in Soil Exploration and Substructure Design
  • Ground Improvement Techniques
  • Remote Sensing and Geographical Information System (GIS)
  • Water and Wastewater Management and Air quality management
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • Sustainable Waste Management
  • Earthquake resistant structures and Dynamic analysis of Structures
  • Any other latest development in Civil Engineering
  • Maximum of two members allowed per team.
  • Any number of teams from a college can submit their papers.
  • Participants are not allowed to submit more than one paper.
  • Participants can submit their papers in a maximum of 2 clusters, depending on the content of the paper.
  • If shortlisted, they will be allowed to present it in only one cluster. (Specify your priorities in case of selection in both clusters).
  • Participants are required to send a soft copy of their entire paper, in the IEEE format.
  • The paper length should not exceed 10 pages, of the format specified.
  • Participants whose papers are shortlisted shall be informed personally through mail. The names will be put up on the website as well.
  • Participation certificate will be given to all the shortlisted participants.


Eligibility Criteria

Participants with a valid identity card and a Bonafide Certificate from their institute are eligible to participate in Anveshanam.


Paper Submission

  • Participants have to submit their FULL paper for scrutiny, abstracts WILL NOT be entertained.
  • The document format has to be in Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) or Printable Document Format (.pdf) only.
  • The title of the submitted file must be a shortened version of their paper title. (eg: Suppose my paper title is “How to make the tastiest lemon juice from a given lemon, squeezer, water and ice”, then the name of my file will be “making tastiest lemon juice.doc”)
  • Participants are requested to submit their papers in IEEE format. In case it is not possible, submitting the papers in any internationally recognized format is allowed. Else, they can submit their papers in a neat, legible, coherently arranged format , with perfect alignment, font adjustments (sizes, font type), naming of figures/tables/charts and references.
  • Papers with improper formatting will be sent back to the participants and they are encouraged it submit it again after re-formatting.
  • Kindly keep the font color of your paper as black (excluding figures, charts, tables).
  • Kindly provide your names, email addresses and contact numbers in the paper that you submit.


Presentation Details

  • Selected participants for the final round are requested to prepare their presentation in Microsoft Powerpoint format (.ppt) or Printable Document Format (.pdf) only.
  • Information regarding the presentation time (inclusive of time for questions and answers) will be updated in this space soon.
  • However, on a rough scale, participants can prepare their presentation for a period of 12 minutes (excluding time for questions and answers).
  • Exact time allotment for questions/answers will vary depending upon the number of selected participants for the final round and will also depend upon the judge’s schedule.
  • Selected participants will be provided with two mikes and a laser pointer.
  • They can manually change the slides/pages of their presentation, if not they can also request the coordinators to do the slide transitions.

Bharatheeraj M.S




Email us at : Formula: 0

Please confirm your participation on or before 15th February through email (at ). Don’t forget to mention your contact number.

Building Sciences

1 V. B. Nivethidha,     S.V.Surendhar Amrita School Of Engineering Modelling Of Moisture Content And Dry Density Of Soils Using Artificial Neural Networks (Ann)
2 S.Jagadeeshwaran Kongu Engineering College,Perundurai, Erode Construction Of Road In Black Cotton Soil Using Fly ash
3 M.Satish Kumar, S.Prakash Kongu Engineering College,Erode Construction Of A Road In The Black Cotton Soil Using Fly Ash
4 S.Aravindlovelin, M.Mohanraj PSG College Of Technology,Coimbatore Techniques To Minimize Damage Caused To Buildings And Structures During Earthquakes
5 N.Vinoth, Yogesh Dahal Psna College Of Engg & Tech 
Modern Techniques For Stabilization Of Soil Using Geosynthetics
6 Archana.V College Of Engineering Guindy, Anna University Renewable Energy Management Using Remote Sensing And Gis
7 R Durga Devi, S Lincyrubina Sona College Of Technology

Smart Materials And Its Application In Retrofitting

8 R.Rajish, J. Prasanna        Kongu Engineering College  Perundurai, Erode Strength Study On Geopolymer Concrete
9 K.Sowmya, N.Priyadharshini And S.Sanjeevi College Of Engineering Guindy, Anna University, Chennai. Sub-Pixel Classification Of Multi-Date Satellite Images For Change Detection In Pichavaram Mangroves, Tamilnadu
10 L. Raghavi,V. Jayasree Sona College Of Technology Terrorist Resistant Structures
11 M.Anish, Harikrishnan Amirta of school of engg Stabilization of expansive soil by Fly ash
12 A.vivek, sai vasundra PEC Innovative and eco-friendly construction using hollow interlocking stabilized earth bloc

Chemical and Material Sciences

     1 M.Parthiban   Effect Of Nitrogen Content In Finished Products Of Thyssen Bottom Metallurgy And Normal Blowing Processes Of Steel Making
     2 Deepak.M   Green Road Using Tio2
     3 Balajisrinivasan, Shrinishanth R PSG College Of Technology Synthesis And Characterization Of Nano Fluids Of Aluminium And Copper
     4 N. Sathiya Narayanan Sastra University Studies On Thermo-Chemical Characterisation Of Hybrid Bio-Mass
     5 S.Diviya, G.Thara Government College Of Engineering, Salem Stud Welding Of Austenitic Stainless Steel To T91 Tube Steel
     6 R.Santhoshkumar        R.Suresh Government College Engineering, Salem Analysis On The  Formation Of Al4c3  In Al – Sic    (Lm25 Alloy Based) Composite
     7 Akshaya, Bency Suresh St. Joseph’s College Of Engineering, Chennai Experimental Results On Stabilization Of Ph When Activated Carbon Is Used For Treatment Of Aqueous Effluent
     8 M.Nirmala, Priyadharshini Government College Of Engineering, Salem Oxygen Enrichment With Steam  Injection  
     9 E. Jackson Samuel, M.Muthu Raman Govt. College Of Engineering, Salem Strategy For Production Of Low Sulphur Hot Metal At Vsp Blast Furnace
   10 Shetanshu Dikshit, Shashanki Khanna Vellore Institute Of Technology Cure For Sickle Cell Anemia- Using The Concept Of Nanocar
11 V.M.Kaoushik, P.Kavinaya   Analysis Of Surface Carbon Potential In Nitrogen/Lpg Atmosphere In Fluidised Bed Processing
12 N.Arulkumar, J.Venkatesan   Use Of High Density Charcoal As A Carburiser For Ductile Iron Manufacturing
13. Praveen, yaswant Osmania university Separation of co2 using polymeric membrane system
14. Arshey Patadia NIT Trichy Analysis of Mg-Alumina Nanocomposites developed through Spark Plasma Sintering Technique
Waiting List
1 Tapadyuti, prabeg ghimire Sona college of engg Principle of electrical eel’s cell to to make artificial cell for powering the medical implant

Computer Science

1 S.Nithya, A.Nasrin Shifaya Thiagarajar College Of Engineering Developing Atm Operation In Secured Manner And Avoiding Atm Forgery
2 S.Shankari, B.Pavithra Thiagarajar College Of Engineering Reverse Engineering - Botnet Exploration
3 Saagar R Varma, Siddhant Sanyam, National Institute Of Technology Trichy

The Garnet Network (Using Cloud Computing)

4 C. Vaishnavi,Preetikataria Panimalar Engineering College, Chennai Image Steganography Using Sudoku
5 s.PRASHIPA, s.PAVITHRA College Of Engineering,Guindy Continuous Speech Recognition In Tamil Using Context Independent Word Modeling
6 M.S.Aishwarya, N.Kavitha Kalasalingam University Root Cause Analysis Engine For Performance Tuning Of Dbms
7 R. Kausalya , R.Shwetha Sri Sairam Engineering College E-Comrade A Pragmatic Approach To Assist Autistic Spectrum Disorder
8 Gouravsaha, S.Selvam Raju Madras Institute Of Technology, Interpolation Sort
9 ragunath Periyarmaniammai University , Vallam, Thanjavur I  Robots -An Intelligent Recuser For Defense & Rescue
10 Siddharth Baskar, Narendra Narayan, Kartic Bsa Crescent Engineering College, Vandalur Zigbee, Can And Rf Based Real-Time Person Tracking System
11 Saikiranchavali Cvr College Of Engineering (Hyderabad,Ap) Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Universal-Tooth
12 Rabindra roy, Narendra varman Athiyamaan college of engg Simulation of natural language processing
Waiting List
1 Sanghamitra, Shantha pai Athiyamaan college of engg Protection against counterfeiting using RFID
2 Sathish, gautham Saranathan college of engg Computer Vision through CUDA
3 S.Ragapriya, P.Sindu RMK college of engineering Artificial Vision

Electrical Sciences

1 S.Vikram College Of Engineering,Guindy An Embedded System For Hand Gesture Recognition
2 Rahul Singh, Priyank Singhal VIT University Handoff Algorithm For Cellular Mobile Communication
3  Gouthaman.J, Sharath P.Nair M.Kumarasamy College Of Engineering, Karur Automated Urban Drinking Water Supply Control And Water Theft Identification System
4 Savitha.B, A.Priyaagomathi SSN College Of Engineering Design Of Dc – Dc Boost Converter For Fuel Cell Applications
5 Preethi Neelakantan R.V College Of Engineering Bangalore Sign Language Interpreter-An Application Of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
6 Archana, Suganya Saranathan College Of Engineering, Trichy Modern Irrigation System By Fuzzy Logic
7 Naveen, Aswin Karthik Bannari Amman Institute Of Technology, Sathyamangalam Low Cost Sinusoidal Pulse Width Modulation Controller For Photovoltaic Inverter
8 R.Parivarthanam, A.Pari Kongu Engineering College, Erode Plc Based Automation Of Irrigation System
9 S.Ranjith Kumar, S.Surendhar NIT Trichy Neutral Current And Harmonics Reduction In Distribution Load Using Zig – Zag Transformer
10 Shailesh, Avinash NIT Trichy Tunable Spectrum Sliced Microwave Photonic Filter Using Parallel Fabry-Perot Filters And Fiber Delay
11 S.Gokila, V.Ishwarya Thiagarajar College Of Engineering. Madurai Fractal Approach To Cloud Classification On Satellite Images For Weather Estimation
12 Varsha, Sindhu SRM University Fibre Optic Sensor Technologies For Humidity Measurement
Waiting List
1 Vinoth, Jeyenth NIT Trichy Modelling and subtractive synthesis of a virtual violin

Mechanical Sciences

1 Vijay Kashyab and Prem Kumar Bannari Amman institute of Technology Design of Power controller for hybrid vehicle
2 Boopathy and Jayant PSG tech A new trend in deburring process through centreless grinding machine
3 Nitesh Mittal and Ravi Bansal VIT University, Vellore Calibration of a five hole probe for small angular range for highly three dimensional flows
4 Raj Kumar and Vignesh PSG Tech Design and Development of a Special Purpose Machine for Automation in Machine Tool Assembly Line
5 K.S. Janani PSG Tech Elimination of superfluous transactions in an SME (small and medium scale) company
6 Soundarajan Kongu Engineering College Intelligent speed breaker – wastage of fuel and accident reduction in city zone
7 Mathan and Kalaiselvi PSG Tech Enhancing the Performance of Refrigerator Using Nanoparticles
8 Arun and Rajkeerthi Anna Univ, Trichy Fuzzy logic controller in air conditioning system
9 Goutham and Sreenivasan GCE, Salem Study and Testing of various trails in Euro 3 cylinder liners
10 Sathyanarayanan Park College of Engineering and Technology,Coimbatore Increase of stall angle over a naca 0015 airfoil using znmf jet flow control method
11 Manickam Thiagarajar College of Engineering Effluent treatment using integrated solar still

Waiting list

1 Chandra Mohan and Sangeeth K. Ramakrishna College of engineering Design of compliant mechanism for active vibration isolation
2 Balaji and Chandra Prabhahar PSG Tech Aiding pre-heating in cold start combustion engines and reducing toxic emissions





Materials to be submitted before coming to the campus:

All participants must submit a soft copy of their presentation (.ppt or .pdf) to Formula: 0, please do this before you arrive at our campus.


  1. The presentation time will be 8 minutes + some time for questions and answers depending upon judges.

  2. Exceeding of time limit will invoke negative points.

  3. Please bring your presentation in the form of .ppt or .pdf. Any other form of the file will not be entertained, please bring the file in a pen drive (avoid CD/DVD).

  4. The participants can include any type of media (pictures, videos) in their presentation, provided they do not show any controversial clips.

  5. All participants are strongly requested to be present at the venue 15 minutes prior to the start of the presentation; once the event has begun the doors of the presentation hall will be closed and further entry will not be allowed. This is a very specific rule to be followed as it was requested by the judges themselves.

  6. Decision of judges will be final and binding on all participants. Any discussions regarding evaluation process at any stage shall not be entertained.

Things to be brought along with you for the presentation:

  1. A valid College ID Card

  2. Two Hard Copies (printouts) of your paper which has been selected for presentation

  3. If possible, a hard copy of your presentation

Please keep checking the website and email for updates.


Mechanical sciences

Day 2

9.30 Hrs

A13 Hall
Chemical and material sciences

Day 2

13.30 Hrs

CEESAT Conference Hall
Electrical sciences

Day 2

13.30 Hrs

A13 Hall
Building sciences

Day 2

9.30 Hrs

CEESAT Conference Hall
Computer sciences

Day 3

9.30 Hrs

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