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Pragyan 2011 - Alexis Ohanian

Alexis Ohanian
Cofounder of Reddit

Update : The Video Conference will be held at A2 Hall at 1900 hrs.

About the Speaker:

Ask Alexis Ohanian who he is and he would reply with his tongue firmly in cheek “I'm a startup guy in Brooklyn who wants to make the world suck less; I create things, startups, communities, and cute logos.”

Alexis Ohanian  and Steve Huffman ,fresh out of college in 2005 created a socio-information sharing website that was among the first to give users the power to decide the content on its front page. This powerful concept of democracy on net grabbed the attention of everyone.

The user base rapidly grew from hundreds to tens of thousands within weeks. Reddit’s sharp rise caught the eye of  Condé Nast, which later acquired Reddit in 2006.Reddit  continues to be immensely popular and enjoys the patronage of geeks and nerds world over. Alexis left Reddit in his official capacity in 2009, but continues to play a godfather-type role.


Ohanian in his next step surprised many by not succumbing to the corporate riches and temptations, he went ahead and created BreadPig ( a Pig with bread wings, in case you are wondering :P) an uncorporation  that deals in gleeful products for geeks and donates all of its non-sustainable projects to organizations and individuals doing great things for the world. BreadPig, most famous for publishing the xkcd book ,has raised $180 000 till now which has helped among other things build a school in Laos and advance education in under-developed countries.

He is currently the Chief Hipmunk Wrangler at Hipmunk, a website that aids you in planning your travels. Even though engaging in such undertakings take most of his time he recently organized an esoteric secret Hack club meeting and is a bassist in a rock band. An avid blogger and an extremely popular speaker on the lecture circuit he often talks on the need for democracy in all walks of life and shares valuable know-how on managing start-ups.

In the truest sense of an "International Techno-management festival" Be there this Pragyan to appreciate an "International Techno-management festival" in its truest sense as you get to interact with one of the most unconventional and audacious entrepreneur cum philanthropist  of our time!

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