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Pragyan 2011 - David Hanson

Humanoid Robot Mastermind


About the Speaker:

Imagine yourself waking up from the bed one fine morning and finding Albert Einstein himself standing in front of you with the morning tea..!!! Seems like a dream??? But there is someone who has turned this into a reality!! Meet David Hanson, an exemplary American robotics designer and researcher, renowned for the creation of a series of real-life humanoid robots, at this year's Pragyan.   


Dr. David Franklin Hanson, Jr.,  is  a  mastermind  in  the  development  of   human-like robots with realistic facial expressions and conversational abilities. He has been accredited with the development   of many  such  humanoids, and has become an exceptionally noteworthy face in the scientific community.

In November 2005, Dr. Hanson demonstrated a remarkably expressive walking humanoid, a  portrait  of Albert  Einstein,  in  collaboration  with  the  KAIST  Hubo group of   Korea. Dr. Hanson  built  the head  using  a  flexible  rubber  like  material called Frubber which simulates the characteristics of human skin.


    Dr. Hanson has been exhibiting his robots at major world conferences and meetings since 2002 with each of his  creations  receiving  unprecedented  welcome every time. In 2005, Hanson and his team received an AAAI award for their "intelligent conversational portrait" of Philip K. Dick.Hanson has also designed and built a series of Conversational Character Robots

    Adding  to  his  overwhelming  list  of  credentials, his entrepreneurial journey, which began with the founding of  Hanson Robotics, has been  in no way an undercurrent of a success story.He presently heads his firm, which is widely regarded as one of the most priviledged firms in the world.



How frequent an opportunity would you get, to see a live robot onstage, ready to converse with you..???

Be there at Pragyan ’11 to interact with Dr. David Hanson, and listen to what his robots have to tell you..!!!

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