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Pragyan 2011 - Stefan Engeseth

CEO, detectivemarketing

About the Speaker:

Recently in his blog, Engeseth wrote about the movie Flightplan starring Jodie Foster :

              ʻWhy not make this great movie into theatre? It would be great if it then could be played in an airplane! It would be good if Boeing was brave and sponsored it with a plane, landing at Broadway in New York. Then we in the audience would get the real fly deal, when we are sitting inside a real airplane that is shaking and moving around with the story. In the end, the actors and the audience become ONE and play the story together.ʼ

    In another such entry he wrote about how FedEx sued a customer who was selling furniture made out of FedEx boxes and how FedEx got into a PR nightmare. Here, Engeseth shrewdly notes, “Now if FedEx had been really clever, theyʼd instead have capitalised on this by saying ‘we deliver ideas and concepts apart from packages’.


Sounds Radical?? Well that is Stefan Engeseth for you !!

Stefan Engeseth, CEO of Detective Marketing is one of the most successful consultants in Europe providing his services to leading corporations in the world. He is also one of Europe’s most critically acclaimed speakers, known for his outspoken and entertaining lectures.

His blog is one of the most entertaining and thought-provoking blogs offering witty comments and sharp analysis of current global phenomena. His understanding of the modern consumer market is unparalleled and his thoughts on improving brand-consumer relationships are revolutionary to say the least.


                       Come to Pragyan ‘11 and see this Genius at work !!

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