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Pragyan 2011 - Paul S Dev



Topic of the Talk :

Flying Cars ! Pocket Sized Fusion Reactors! Engineering Beyond Today's Barriers!

Sound ludicrous? Far-fetched? Seems only conceivable in a Science fiction movie?

About the Speaker :

Well we have just the man who is going to throw these preconceived notions right out  of the window! Come this Pragyan, get ready to rendezvous with the visionary,   S Paul dev, a man on a mission of turning fantasy into reality. Mr Dev is one who firmly believes that the best way of doing so is through continuous innovation and diligence on the part of engineers garnished with a pinch of foresight.

Whenever any path breaking innovation has surfaced, it has always been weighed down by intense criticism from the skeptics before garnering acclaim. Be it “The Automobile” by Henry Ford, “The Airplane” by the Wright brothers or the recent environment-friendly bio-fuels, the road to capturing popular imagination has never been a walk in the park! But that has never stopped innovation from springing up from the remotest corners of the globe, so why should it be any different now?

And that is exactly what Mr. Dev is here to inculcate us as he places his utmost faith in the fact that engineers spearhead our society’s progress and continue to be at its forefront while simultaneously catering to the needs of almost everyone and anyone.

For those who might be wondering, Mr. Dev is the founder and President of D-STAR Engineering Corporation, specializing in compact, light-weight, heavy-fuel propulsion and power systems, currently funded by the U.S. Army, DARPA and Office of Naval Research. D-STAR’s new division, AurAayan Aerospace, is at the zenith of cutting edge technology and is currently involved in developing futuristic aircrafts such as a new UAV, funded by the U.S. Air Force, for unlimited endurance at extreme altitudes, and AVA-TX Flying Car. Mr. Dev has multiple graduate degrees in engineering and business, and has twenty-plus years of work experience related to propulsion and power technologies and systems.  Mr. Dev has eight patents on gas turbine engines and lift/thrust fans, and has other patents in process for turbine and piston engines, advanced motors, as well as a new generation of UAVs and aircraft.

Be sure to attend Guest lectures’11 to behold the ushering in of the era of a cleaner and better tomorrow by the real life "Tony Stark" who just doesn’t know what boundaries mean!!

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