ByteCode is 5-hour long ACM-ICPC style algorithm intensive online programming contest. The contest tests your skills in Algorithms and Data Structures.

Battle it out here to know where you stand among the crowd!

Contest Link :


Prizes worth INR 90,000


Please post your queries related to this event at

a. We put up problem statements that define what the input to your program is and what the output must be.

b. You write programs that do the necessary processing / transformation from input to output.

c. You submit the programs to our online judge (which is an automated checker).

d. The Judge instantly checks if your program works fine, by testing it with several inputs.

e. The Judge gives you a response.

f. The objective is to solve problems and score maximal total points.


a. The final ranking is based on the total number of problems solved and ties broken by the total time consumed.

b. The total time is the sum of the time consumed for each solved problem.

c. The time consumed for a solved problem is the time elapsed from the beginning of the contest to the submission of the first accepted run for that problem (in minutes) plus 20 minutes for every other run for that problem before the accepted one. For an unsolved problem no time consumed is computed.

d. There is no partial credit for any problem.

e. After running a program against our test data, the judge produces a status message. This is also output to the user.


a. A team may consist of a maximum of 3 members (not necessarily from the same institute).

b. List of languages allowed: C, C++, C#, Java, PHP, Perl, Ruby, Python, Haskell, Clojure and Scala.

c. No system calls are allowed other than input output routines.

d. In case of any discrepancies, the organizers' decision will be final.


Visit for all details about the programming environment.


Please refer to for details regarding the programming environment.

Please refer to for a heads up on the type of problems in the contest.

The entire details for Bytecode can be downloaded here

Rohit J V

Formula: 0


Pankaj Kumar

Formula: 1


Formula: 2


Faculty Advisor

Dr. K. Vishwanathan Iyer


Department - Computer Science and Engineering  

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