Sponsored ByPengufest is the single best destination for all users and developers of free and open source Software (FOSS) at Pragyan. It is a fest within Pragyan that caters to the niche crowd of FOSS users through a series of events such as coding competitions, hackathons, workshops, guest lectures and many more.


Prizes worth INR 30,000


Please post your queries related to this event at


  • 2 Guest lectures
  • 2 Workshops
  • 2 Coding Contest


College app making contest

The primary objective of the Challenge is to move college support tools from simple websites, provide them with info that they need in their college life. Use of Materialization and GPS navigation inside the college, fetches more points.
Helping students build, test, and implement personal academic pathways that grow out of college-career.
Deliver an intuitive, user-friendly interface that provides information AND coaches the student towards building his career along with positive educational outcomes.

The last date for the app submission is 10th March 2015


Does the app have to be free?
The app does not have to be free, but it does have to be affordable to low income communities.  In addition to affordability, the judges will be looking for an app distribution plan that provides enough funding for the app to be maintained post-launch.  A reasonable fee could potentially be a part of that sustainability plan.

Should the app have a link to Facebook?
Yes. All apps require a link to Facebook in some way (see tech specs at  By linking with Facebook, we hope to promote creative apps that utilize the unique capabilities of and student interest in the world’s largest social network.  It is not a requirement that all apps be Facebook apps (i.e. built directly on the Facebook platform).

How do i submit?
Send the github repo link to

Do i retain Intellectual property ownership?
Yes, all entrants, regardless of winner status, will retain intellectual property ownership of their software applications. However, winners must agree to support global access objectives by conducting and managing the project and information in a manner that enables (a) the knowledge gained during the project to be promptly and broadly disseminated and (b) the intended products to be made available and accessible for free or at reasonable cost to the people most in need.

What will you do with my submission?
Pragyan will have the right to display and promote your submission to the public on the pragyan website. Pragyan also reserves the right to alter the source code for using it in pragyan and/or for NIT Trichy.

Can my app include Ads?
The Challenge rules do not prohibit advertising in applications but are advised not to. Please note, however, that if the content of the ads is deemed inappropriate, your submission may be disqualified.





1. Who can attend the event?

    Anyone who is interested in open source and has basic knowledge of computers(everyone does) can attend this event.

2. Is there any registration fee for the event?

    No, the registration is free.



The entire details of Pengufest can be downloaded here.

Subodh Tirkey             

Formula: 0


Selvendran Sudar         

Formula: 1


Formula: 2

Faculty Advisor

Dr. R. Leela Veluswamy

Associate Professor

Department - Computer Science and Engineering

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