Some people get bogged by tronics, while others have resistors for dinner and capacitors for dessert (of course they throw in a few chips) and would swear tronics is their middle name. If you belong to this rare breed of circuit-mongers, you are in for a treat. Come test your tech skills against the best, build a simple but dynamic day-to-day circuit that sets everyone delirious. Have the passion, appetite? Show your limitless knowledge under limited resources and set everyone berserk. This spring-it’s time to GO TRONIC.


 Click here to view the FIRST ROUND RESULTS.

Prizes worth INR 25,000


Please post your queries related to this event at

First Round:

The online prelims will be for duration of two hour. The participants can participate any time during the prelims timing. However they will have to take the quiz in a single sitting of two hour.

You must be registered in order to take the test.


The online prelims will start from 06:30 PM, February 1, 2015.


Second Round:

Teams short-listed will then have an on-campus workshop and will take up a written

test based on the concepts discussed. (Non Eliminative)


Final Round :

  • The final round will be held in an electronics lab on campus.

  • Given a list of components (i.e Integrated Circuits, resistors, capacitors, switches etc.), the teams will be expected to come up with a theoretical and practical circuit implementation of a problem within a specific time duration.

  • No component should be used other than those provided in the list.

  • Components for this round will be provided


Factors on which teams will be judged are:

•  Compatibility of implementing the circuit practically.

•  Working of the circuit.

•  The proximity of the practical implementation to that of the theoretical design.

•  Time, efficiency.


  • A team cannot consist of more than 3 members.
  • Prior registration is required for participating in the event and access the online prelims.

  • The decision of the judges will be final.


1. What will be the size of the team?

    The maximum size of the team is restricted to 3 members.


2. Do all members need to be from the same college?

    No, team members can be from different colleges.


3. Is there any eligibility to participate?

    Basic electronics knowledge is enough.


4. Will participation certificates be provided?

    Yes, participation certificates be provided to all the teams that qualify to come down for main event during Pragyan.


5. What will be taught in workshops?

    Basic application of the concepts learnt to do practical stuff in real life.


The entire details for Circuitrix can be downloaded here

Srivignessh PSS                       

Formula: 0


Reishi Kumar            

Formula: 1


Formula: 2

Faculty Advisor

Dr. S.Arul Daniel


Department - Electrical and Electronics Engineering

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