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Sponsored BySearching for a platform which will provide you insights in the world of marketing? Or want to know how good a marketer you are? Or think you know marketing very well and you have got it all?

We are here for every marketing enthusiast out there. Providing a platform for the beginners, and a challenge for everybody, we bring for all, for the first time in the history of PRAGYAN a Marketing Event which will help everybody in preparing  a contour for their marking career known as ‘MARKETING HUB’ a place where ideas will take birth.

Inviting everybody to participate in this event “GATHER, LEARN, PRESENT and RULE”.

Prizes worth INR 35,000


Please post your queries related to this event at

Round 1

Teams have to create an advertisement of 3 min. Take any social campaign as a product.

Participants must upload the advertisement on YouTube and send the YouTube link to

Deadline : 20/02/2015.


Round 2

Shortlisted teams from Round 1 will have to launch the top 3 winning entries of some event conducted during Pragyan. Participants are expected to launch them like it is done on an official product launch event. The product to be launched and other details will be given by the organisers during Pragyan.

The event will last for 2 days during Pragyan.

Round 3

Developing a marketing strategy for a product that will be provided on spot. Equal time will be allotted for every team. Preparation of powerpoint presentation will be required for every team for this round, so every team must have a laptop of their own and internet connections if required.


  • —  No plagiarism in ideas or thoughts will be accepted.

  • —  Economic Feasibility

  • —  Challenges in implementation and solutions

  • —  Vulgarity will not be accepted

  •  Maximum 3 in a team

  • Analytical Thinking
  • Marketing Skills

  • Ability to come up with solutions

  • Ability to create new ideas

  • Ability to identify problems


1) Number of members in a team?

Maximum of 3 members in a team


2) Is there any registration fee?

There are no registration fees.


3) Are UG/PG collaboration allowed?



4) Is inter-college collaborations allowed?

No, the team members must be from the same college.

The entire details of Marketing Hub downloaded here.


Formula: 0



Formula: 1


Formula: 2


Faculty Advisor

Dr. G.Muruganantham

Assistant Professor           

Department - Management studies


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