Star gazing session

"I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night," said the poet Sarah Williams famously. For all those who love the stars too fondly, come join us for a night of star gazing at Pragyan. Who has not looked up at the night sky and ever wondered what the stars are? Look through the eyepiece with us to see the bejeweled beauty of the Pleiades star cluster, observe the many layered clouds of Jupiter, and see the fractured craters and mountains of the moon. These and many more sights await you. With the powerful reflector and refractor telescopes, be mesmerized, as this Pragyan's Star Gazing event offers an unforgettable opportunity for those who don't fear the night.


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An interest to gaze at stars, and the willingness to be patient to look is more than enough.

The entire details for Star Gazing Session can be downloaded here

Charles Doley

Formula: 0


J Anurag Iyer

Formula: 1


Formula: 2


Faulty Advisor

Dr. T.Ramesh

Assistant Professor

Department - Mechanical Engineering

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