A Professor of Physics at the University of Philadelphia, Paul Halpern is a man of many talents- from being a Physicist with newfangled views to a prolific writer who presents scientific theories in a highly entertaining and satirical light. He has made several contributions to the world of science and has been awarded with a number of accolades to mark his efforts- The Guggenheim Fellowship, The Fulbright Scholarship and the Athenaeum Literary Award to name a few of his achievements.

He is infamous for his belief that The Simpsons is not just any other sit-com but one which helps inculcate scientific curiosity in young minds with its use of numerous scientific concepts in its production. Apart from making such thought provoking revelations, he has also been consistent in presenting several research papers and has contributed vastly to the scholarly world. Paul Halpern has penned more than a dozen books on a wide variety of topics such as space, time, higher dimensions and the history of particle physics. His books also bravely explore many hushed up topics ranging from the existence of extra-terrestrial beings to the coming of an Apocalypse. He has successfully made an attempt to answer several of our questions in an informative and witty manner through his books, the most popular ones amongst them being What's Science Ever Done for Us?: What The Simpsons Can Teach Us About Physics, Robots, Life, and the Universe; Countdown to Apocalypse; The Quest for Alien Planets, etc.

These books have been widely acclaimed across the worlds of both science and literature. Paul Halpern is known to be a truly inspiring and well respected member of the scientific community as well as a highly motivating presence in the lives’ of his students.

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