This workshop includes the following topics. A student can choose to attend any one, two or all of them.

  1. Data Science

  2. Analytical Consulting

Analytical Consulting

What is the first image that comes to your mind when you hear a word consultant? Black suit, board room, power point!

Do you want to pursue consulting as a career? Do you want to be a part of $ 400 Billion industry growing at a pace of 10% CAGR?

Do you want to shine amongst your peers at your job with business acumen? 

What if we can take you for a one day ride in the typical day of a consultant? Sounds great?  

What if we can tell you what you need to do today to become a great consultant? Even better!

Every day you hear corporates complaint about lack of trained professionals. Be it giants like Microsoft, Samsung, TCS, Infosys, Wipro. What do you think is they are complaining about? Coding skill? It’s the lack of business skills which students lack and fail to connect with, as soon as they join any industry.

Course content of this session is designed to help you understand the nuances of consulting and develop life tools. Come join this hands-on session to arm yourself with time tested tools that can put you on Fastrack career path.

Duration: 1 day

Fee for this session: Rs 1000

Come join us for a session on Analytical Consulting and Business Engineering

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Question: What is the average salary of an Analytical consultant?

Answer: Starting salary is 4-12 LPA depending on the firm you join. Industry average with 2 years of work-ex is 10.5 LPA

Question: What are the top firms hiring Analytical consultants?

Answer: Top 5 firms in India are also top 5 Global firms, and their regional offices are located in India. They are McKiney, Bain & Co., BCG, PWC, E&Y, MuSigma, Nielsen, Evaluserve etc.

Question:   Who should attend this workshop?

Answer: Literally every role in any industry involves business understanding and consulting.

People who learn early have a very steep career path then others.

Question: Why is important to have business skills in an engineering professional?

Answer: Engineers are smart and hardworking, but it is an industry wide occurrence that they are poor at business understanding. An engineer with great business skills is the killer combination example (Lary Page and Bill Gates)


Data Science

How does google makes Money? It’s a free service, then how come it is the largest technology company in the world? Where is it earning money? Answer to it is, Google is in information business. It gathers user information called “DATA” and saves it in the “data warehouses” and sells it to marketing companies. Every company who wants this information has to pay a price. And in order to rightly utilize and understand this information they need “DATA Engineers”.

According to Google's chief economist Hal R. Varian, Data Scientist will be the sexiest job of the 21st century. The ability to understand, process, extract value, visualize and communicate insights will be the greatest skill of the century. Google is not the only company who collects and sells “Data”. There are many companies, who are gathering this information in the form of “Accounts”, “Transactions”, “Online free Music”, “Facebook” , “Twitter” etc.. 

A Data Scientist is a rare hybrid of math, programming, statistics and a great amount of curiosity and creativity.

If you want to be one among the 300,000 Analytics professional required in the US;

If you want to be a part of a talent pool who are considered most coveted in the industry;

If you want to be a part of a wave of Data Science, Artificial Intelligence,

If you want to be a selected lot of people for whom companies are willing to spend millions to train;

And if you want to be a part of a field which consists of new problems and new solutions every day of your work;

Come and join our course to get to know more about the world of Data Science and Analytics.

We will tell you how Amazon recommends you books, how Linkedin finds people you know, how Facebook identifies people in the photograph and more on how Data Scientist predict things before they actually happen.

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Duration: 1 day

Fee for this session: Rs1000

Note: Attendee needs to bring a laptop and a pen drive to the workshop for the hands-on session. We will provide the software that is to be installed in your laptop.


Who can attend workshop:

1. Any body who aims to become a data scientist

2. Any one who wants to evaluate data science as a career

Do i need to know coding to attend this workshop or become a data scientist?

1. No, It is like learning excel.


We will provide the software that is to be installed in your laptop. 

Attendee needs to bring a laptop and a pendrive to the workshop for the hands-on session 



Questions: What is an average data scientist’s salary?

Answer: On an average a graduate data scientist (2 year work-ex) earns somewhere in between $65,000 – 130,000 per annum in USA, depending on the firm you are working in. In India average salary for a great data scientist is 11 LPA (2 years of work-ex) also depends on industry you are working in, for example banking average in 18 LPA, e-commerce is 7 LPA etc.

Questions: What all are the applications of Data Science?

Answer: Data Science is being used in all the fields like Clinical Research, Banking, Insurance, Finance, Economics, Marketing, Mobile Apps and Engineering etc. This is a must have skill alternative skill to develop if you are not satisfied in your career.

Questions: Which are top 5 companies in India, who hire data scientists?

Answer:  All Banks (Citi, JP Morgan, Goldman etc.), All CPG companies (HUL, Cadburys etc.), All engineering companies (L&T etc.)

Questions: Who should attend this workshop?

Answer: Anyone who aims to become a data scientist. Anyone who thinks that their current engineering is boring.

Questions: Do i need to know coding to attend this workshop or become a data scientist?

Answer: No is like learning excel.

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