IBM and Pragyan presents IBM Coding challenge : an application development contest coupled with series of seminars and tutorials on app development by IBM.

Problem statement :

Think of an idea and build an app about it. The idea could be absolutely anything ranging from creating an app to chat with friends to an app that solves some humongous issue. Some example domains are: Education, entertainment, transport, financial markets, networking, health or anything of the participants choice.

The apps can be developed in Java, Node.js, Python, Ruby etc. The only condition is that these apps must be developed & deployed on IBM's Platform as a service called IBM Bluemix.

Perks :

Certificates of participation from IBM will be provided to all participants who submit completed & working apps. Exciting cash prizes to be won. 
A series of Webinars will be conducted in the weeks running up to the contest and also during the contest. 
IBM experts will also be available to conduct a workshop and to help guide you during the contest itself. 
IBM experts will also provide mentorship on your idea, architecture and other technology nuances. 
Get a chance to discuss how to Go-to-Market as a StartUp and be connected with the ecosystem of Investors and Accelerators.

Note :

More resources about IBM Bluemix will be sent once the participant registers for the event.

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