InfySec Workshop Series

CSI : Cyber Scene Investigation

  • Hackers are on prowl , Are you ready to chase them ?
  • Wanna be a cyber vigilante ?
  • Ever wished to be those FBI agents who demystify the intrinsic problems in identifying the culprit ?
  • Lets togater crack the puzzle of those Hackers !

CSI : Crime Scene Investigation ?

The possibility of becoming a victim of cybercrime is the number one fear in billions of people . In fighting against cyber and cyber-enabled crimes, the cyber scene investigators faces many challenges and  problems. This workshop will equip you to face the hackers in the real world by letting you identify important cyber security problems by researching and analyzing the past cyber crimes and to develop practical theories and new techniques towards cracking these hacks. Join us and experience the power of cyber scene investigation.


Contents :




Introduction to Cyber Scene Investigation


Kevin Mitnick – Who is this ?


450 Million passwords in a second


how did American Drone landed in Iran


what happened to Pakistan president's website


NASA - is it Safe?


Power cuts? National Power grid security issues


Attackers decide who win elections - Electronic Voting Ballot Security Issues


Antivirus is a joke


How governments can go down?


Yesterday I had my public exam, today I am a PhD


Human Lie Detection - Demystify natural human reactions


Mind Reading - How does one read minds and gain access to confidential info


Mind Writing - How do one influence peoples decisions and influence thoughts

Online Lab Access


Prerequisites :

  • Should know to use Web Browsers
  • Basic HTML familiarity
  • Basic networking will be helpful

Benefits of this workshop:

  • infySEC authorized certificate
  • Valuable gifts every hour during workshop
  • Internship Opportunities
  • Live demos for Every Topic
  • Attractive prizes every 1 hour.
  • Learn not just to use tools but also to create them
  • Hand on experience with our carefully designed Crack-in game

Highlights of this workshop :

  • infySEC is the first Information Security Services company in India to include live Hands-On CTF session in Cyber Scene workshops.
  • CTF is its first kind of event with Hands on Practical Sessions in a Game-Like environment with a story board.
  • Actual LIVE Scores of other participants along with your scores are computed automatically on the fly.
  • “Capture the Flag” concept is a Cyber Scene Investigation game specially designed for Forensics wannabes and wannabe security professionals from the attendees to mock the attackers and crackers in the security battlefield LIVE.

Wish to Organize ?

Wow ! What will I Learn:

The content for the workshops are regularly revised to ensure that it remains relevant and reflects the latest thinking in par with the scenario of current technology , Also the contents are designed to not only induce interest for students to explore technology but also helps them to get equipped themselves in their placement programs.

Who Should Attend :

  • Site Administrators
  • Systems Administrators
  • Network Administrators
  • Wireless Administrators
  • Blackberry Administrators
  • Webhosting Server Administrators
  • Web Developers and Designers
  • Research Analysts
  • IT professionals
  • Law professionas
  • Finance Sector Professionals
  • Banking Professionals
  • Students
  • Institution Professors & faculties
  • Auditors
  • Anyone who are anxious about the network infrastructure and data integrity
  • Anyone who is seeking a break through Career into information security

About Trainer:

All our consultants are senior professional with tremendous exposure to Information Security and Governance Risk & Compliance. With over a decade of experience in training & consulting, they help bring a lot of practical and industry relevant examples with case studies to the classroom which improves the overall learning experience. Our professional hold industry acclaimed accreditation such as : CEC , CEH , M.S , CISSP, CHFI, CISA, CISM, ISO 27001 LI / LA, CCNP, CWNA , MCSE & ITIL.

Promo Video:



E-HACK at NIT trichy

Have you ever thought of building up a security design, to protect your system from any malicious attacks? The workshop on 'Ethical Hacking' helps you to check the system for vulnerabilities, so that it is not exploited by any malicious attacker. Ethical Hacking is of emerging trend, where sensitive and classified data have to be prevented from malicious attacker.

A National level workshop on Ethical Hacking is organized at NIT trichy India on ABCDE  The detailed concepts that would be handled with a Hands-on are:

  • What is Hacking & Ethical Hacking?
  • Where is IT heading us?
  • Google Dorking
  • Reverse Engineering - Application Cracks
  • Trojans, Viruses and Worms
  • Cryptography
  • Web Server Hacking, Web Application Hacking
  • Mobile and Wireless Hacking
  • Credit Card Hacks
  • NexGen Attacks
  • Information Security as a Career
  • Case Studies

Benefits for the Participants

Each participant will be entitled with Penetration Testing Tool Kit DVD and authorized infySEC Certificate.
Goodies will be provided for the quiz winners which will be conducted in between the events.
Participants also will be given a life time access to our Live ethical Hacking Lab access, so access will be even available from home.

Promo Videos:



“The Art of VFX” Workshop at NIT trichy

Freedom for filmmakers, writers and directors to tell any story they like. The various mediums of storytelling all have their place and good stories are tailor made for each medium. Converting a novel to a film script takes specific writing skills to boil the essence down to 2 hours. It also means that writer descriptions that would form images in the readers mind now need to be generated in photographic reality for the movie viewer.

A National level workshop on Visual Effects is organized at NIT Trichy , India on ABCDE The detailed concepts that would be handled with a Hands-on are:

  • Sky Replacement Techniques
  • Logo Design
  • Slow motion - Compositing
  • After Effects
  • Facial Animation
  • Double / Multiple Action Design
  • Title Animation
  • Time warp Video Making
  • 3D Sortwares
  • Planar Tracking
  • Mix matching
  • Digital Tool Learning

Benefits for the Participants

Each participant will be entitled with Authorized infySEC Certificate.
Goodies will be provided for the quiz winners which will be conducted in between the events.

Promo Video:

CSI : Cyber Scene Investigation

Rs. 1000 Per participant


E-HACK at NIT trichy

Rs. 1000 Per participant


“The Art of VFX” Workshop

Rs. 1000 Per participant



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