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Fix It


Does your brain crave the adrenaline rush of  solving problems? Do you like losing yourself in  intricate puzzles and challenging games? Then Fix-It is your destination.

Just as the name suggests, you are required to fix all sorts of interesting puzzles ranging from geographic visualization to circuit mania.

Three thrilling segments await the participants, who have to find the right blocks of a unique puzzle, generate some clever answers to a few mind bending riddles and finally fabricate some circuits.

Time is of the essence here and so is your creativity. Participants will be assessed on grounds of these parameters.

Last but not the least, we have got tons of awesome gifts for the winners!

So what are you waiting for? Join us on an enthralling journey which will certainly put your wits to the test!

TIME: 10AM to 5PM

DATE: Orion G8



FIX-IT consists of three rounds. The first two rounds are qualification rounds.

The best score of the first two rounds will determine your qualification for the third and final round.

  • ROUND 1 (Assemble a Globe)

Your geographical knowledge will be put to test here. You will be required to fix “blocks” of information on a base.

Each team will receive the same base which could convey a wide range of information such as oceans or islands.

The contestants are required to insert the right blocks at the right places, thus fixing the correct pieces of missing information on their respective bases.

Time is the crucial factor in this round. Finishing this round in the least time will help you secure maximum points.

  • ROUND 2 (Who am I?)

Participants will receive 10 clues to an answer which would revolve around some technical term.

It’s all in the words! The clues are one-liners and can mess with your head.   

You have got 120 seconds to crack this round. This is an eliminatory round.

  • ROUND 3 (MAT & Circuits)

A problem statement will be provided, the answer to which would be a digit from 0-10.

In addition to finding the right answer, you must represent your answer utilizing a BCD 7-Segment decoder with appropriate connections.



Round 1 will be judged on the basis of time. The teams which make the right fixes in as little time as possible will acquire maximum points. The answers are expected to be fully correct. Partially correct answers will not accredit you with any points.

Round 2 has 10 questions of 1 mark each. Again, no near correct answers will be entertained.

Round 3 has a split weightage of acquiring points. You get 1 point for jotting down the correct answer and another 2 points for completing the connections and displaying your digits.

Partial marks shall be awarded for correct grounding of circuits and connection of the display pin.

Teams having the highest points (in a best of the 2 rounds) will qualify for round 3.

i.e, If you secured 8 points in the first round and a maximum 10 points in the second round, your second round will be considered for qualification.


Q. Who can participate?

  1. Students from any college can participate. If you have never worked with electronic parts or have absolutely no prior knowledge about circuits, don’t fret! Simply read a bit on how to handle electronic parts. We will brief you with the rest of the information you need before the competition commences.

Q. Can I form a group that consists of me and only me?

  1. No, a minimum of two members are required to participate.

Q. I’m currently not enrolled in any college. Can I participate?

  1. No. Only those with a valid college ID can participate.

Q. Is pre-registration necessary?

  1. No. You can register on-spot too.

Q. Will a certificate of participation be provided?

  1. No, but goodies or prize money will be distributed.



  • You can have a maximum of 2 members in a team.

  • The components necessary for all three rounds will be provided on the spot. Participants will not be allowed to use their own components.

  • The distributed components must be handled with care.

  • Organizers’ decisions are supreme and will be binding under all circumstances.


KAUSHIK: 8105841034

AJJAY:: 9488555807

ADITYA: 7401520382

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