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Human Library

From borrowing books from our school library, to e-books, and now finally audiobooks, we have come a long way. But have you ever thought about a ‘human library’?

A library of people; where books are replaced by people. The Human Library is designed to build a positive framework for conversations that can challenge stereotypes and prejudices through dialogue. It is a place where real people are on loan to the readers.

A book can be anyone with a unique story to tell. The living books could be people who have experienced prejudice or been victimised due to social stigma. They could be also people with unique beliefs, accomplishments, lifestyle choices or any other unique features.

A reader who borrows these living books and has a conversation with them, and leaves with a widened perspective on different social groups in our society.

Pragyan, NIT Trichy in association with the Human Library, Hyderabad proudly presents you with an opportunity to borrow these living books. Be there to witness our stellar line up of 15 living books and get ready to listen to compelling stories that could change your perspective about the world around you.


#1 Young Politician

A leader and a pleader, this book comes as a breath of fresh air in a country where the youth is only going further away from the concept of politics and governance. Listen to his tales of operating as a leader of the youth wing of a political party, the ups and downs that checked his patience, and his sincere thoughts towards servant leadership while he answers your many questions on, WHY politics?

#Lifestyle #Profession


#2 Break the Silence on Child Sexual Abuse

50% of children go through child sexual abuse
1 out of 6 girls and 1 out of 10 boys
It's high time, we break the silence!



#3 The Sojourner

Peter Ngugi is currently leading the Indo-Afro relationship program across India, travelling on his bicycle, and spreading the message of love, of choosing hope over fear, reconciliation over revenge and progress over prisons of the past, while marching together in the fight against racism.

#Lifestyle #Racism


#4 School, Sq.ft & Motorcycles - A Self-taught Architect

Don't judge a man until you've walked in his shoes. Don't let anyone else determine your worth. Even if things don't add up, it doesn't mean that it wouldn't work.

#Lifestyle #CareerChoices


#5 Being a Duck

What is regular? Am I regular? What if I'm not?
What am I? What do I tell people? How do I tell them?
I cannot lie to myself. Neither do I have the strength to break free.
New experiences, feelings and a whole lot of confusion and fear.
This is one such journey of finding myself and standing up to and for myself.
From ‘Am I a duck?’, to ‘I'm a duck’ and then being a duck.
The internal and external conflicts of a bisexual guy.
Come read the story of my journey of finding my sexuality.

PS. Not a duck literally. C’mon, I'm not THAT crazy.



#6 Urdu Speaking Brahmin

اردو speaking ब्राह्मण 

A Brahmin, who talks in the language of ghazals and shayaris using the most respectful and sweet language of Urdu. Let's walk in his shoes where we break the religious stereotype, and embrace the history of Urdu.

#Religion #Belief


#7 Closets are for Clothes

"What do you do when you realize that you are a gay woman in a community where this word doesn't exist? This is the story of how I chose to not hide anymore. It's a coming out story, but more than that​, it's a conversation in progress, of love and acceptance."



#8 Overcoming Obesity

Obesity is obviously a physical challenge to overcome. I was bullied and called names. My self esteem and confidence was completely shattered. Loneliness was my friend and I became an introvert. But now, I'm picking up the pieces and changing for the better. Overcoming Obesity is just not physical, but psychological too.

#BodyType #Obesity


#9 The Dancing Masculus

"Born as a man, was told dance will turn me feminine.
Grew up watching dance all over​ me and wondering who owns it?
Miffed by people around me telling classical dance is for girls.
Mocked by friends of my choices and interest to learn and practice dance. Taught by 5 gurus and a thousand virtual teachers. Fought depression with dance and gave my life a reason. Chose to make it my passion and not my profession.
Used it for awareness and to amplify social causes.
Learned to lift myself whenever I fell down.
Admire the artist in everyone​
Life's a dance for you to dance"

#Lifestyle #MaleClassicalDancer


#10 Self-Loathing Narcissist

What happens when you are the new kid at school 7 times before you are 15, grow up desi in America and firangi in India, all while being a homosexual in a homophobic world?

You become a self-loathing narcissist.



#11 The Price of Smiling

The topic of my book is mental health. I have dealt with depression and am living with generalised anxiety. I would like to share my experience with it. I was living in America at that time and although America is more accepting and kinder towards people suffering from mental illness, my story would illustrate how I was stuck without treatment because of the mentality that my parents (who reflect the greater mentality of the Indian community) were raised in. My dad refused to acknowledge the existence of a problem. My mom said it was all in my head. "Try a little harder." "Don't think so much."

My response to their solutions? Smiling. I managed to get out of my depressive episode after almost a year thanks to the support from outside sources. But if I hadn't had that help, then I would've kept on smiling and pretending that nothing was wrong simply because of the prejudice that they were showing towards my cry for help.

#MentalHealth #Depression #SocialAnxiety


#12 Gender conundrum - Breaking the binary

What makes up person's self of sense that constructs his/her/their gender? Is gender determined at birth or is it a socially constructed? Is gender the same as biological sex? Are they just two genders of just man and woman? If not, how many?
Join Vyjayanti Vasanta Mogli - a transgender woman, to understand her journey and struggle of existing and claiming identity as a transgender person and an equal citizen of India.



#13 Postings and Pearls

What does it mean to be an army wife? Living life in boxes. The good, the bad and the tough times. Being both mom and dad. Sacrifice is my middle name.



#14 Life in Olive Green

  • The reason I joined the army.

  • The places I’ve seen.

  • What does it feel to command between 500 and 1000 men and be responsible for their lives.

  • Life in field and peace.

  • What civilians always see.

#Lifestyle #Profession


#15 Wonder Woman
Meet the Wonder Woman !

Succumbing to middle class values, bound by love and duty, she was subjected to an undesirable marriage in her teens only to be divorced immediately after in the milieu of the 90's.

Inside of a fragile ecosystem, with a young child tucked away in her arms in her early 20's, her only assurance for a better life was a strong heart, a will to reshape her future and resilience. Her career and man had to be of her choice this time without any compromise!

Meet the non-fiction story/ book that reads like fiction. About a woman who groomed herself to be strong, charismatic and rare. Conquering life while breaking all conventions - to live life on her own terms.




Schedule : 

Day 2 (March 3rd, 2018)

                  Day 3 (March 4th, 2018)

Slot 1: 10 AM to 10.35 AM
Slot 2: 10.50 AM to 11.25 AM
Slot 3: 11.40 AM to 12.15 PM
Slot 4: 12:30 PM to 1:05 PM


Slot 5: 2.05 PM to 2.40 PM
Slot 6: 2.55 PM to 3.30 PM

Slot 7: 10 AM to 10.35 AM
      Slot 8: 10.50 AM to 11.25 AM
      Slot 9: 11.40 AM to 12.15 PM
      Slot 10: 12:30 PM to 1:05 PM







1. The Reader must respect the Book, even if he/she does not share their opinions, beliefs or view of life. The Human Library is based on mutual respect.

2. The Human Book may return to the library before the time limit has been reached if the Book feels hurt or mistreated.

3. The organisers have the right to remove the reader from the session if there is any disrespect shown towards the books.

4. The loan period for a book is for 35 minutes

5. Please do not use cell phones during your conversation session

6. The human books welcome your questions

7. The Reader is not allowed to ask the Human Book for personal contact information.

8. If you feel uncomfortable during a conversation with a human book, you can:

  • Steer the conversation back to a more comfortable discussion
  • Ask for assistance from staff
  • End the conversation & inform staff
  • Do not hesitate to ask library staff for assistance at any time

9. The Reader should return the Book in the same emotional and physical condition as it was taken out.

10. All requests for further contact should be through Pragyan



Readers have participated in the much acclaimed Human Library events all around the world in various ways. They have done so to -

  • Step outside their comfort zone and challenge themselves by talking to a human book whose experiences or beliefs are different from their own

  • Talk to a book that they can relate to

  • Out of curiosity

  • To step into someone else’s shoes

  • To learn more about a topic or the book’s experience



Why did you volunteer to be a book?

Do you know others who share your experience?

If you could change the circumstances of your life, would you?


For  queries:

  • Sudarshana -  +91 97916 07980
  • Surekha  - +91 97904 83356

Or email us at humanlibrary@pragyan.org

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