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Labyrinth brings to you a series of puzzles, an enthralling treasure hunt of sorts. It is a quest that tests your code-cracking, brainstorming and lateral thinking, while subtly nudging your innate capacity to think outside the box. This Pragyan, experience thrills at par with being in an Indiana Jones adventure. Prepare yourself for twists and turns; tune your eyes and mind to spot the black cat in the dark room.
Labyrinth is a furious race that pushes its participants to the extreme of their abilities, urging them to delve deeper and unravel each layer of mystery as quickly as possible.  The race ends during Pragyan, when the most compelling levels of the event seek out only the worthy. This hunt promises to be an adrenaline packed race with contenders fighting to reach the end of the rainbow before the rest and claim the pot of gold that is rightfully theirs.
Labyrinth is an online event and we invite participation from all over the world.








• This single stage multi-level event (40 - 50 levels) will serve as a run up to Pragyan, climaxing on the days of Pragyan 2013.
• This event will contain stages of varying difficulty levels, some more, some less challenging, with a beginner friendly learning curve.
• For all those who start it now; this will not be one of those riddles where you click through in some minutes. It will take you some levels to get a feeling of it, and you should be addicted when you get there.
• If you just are stuck, you might get some hints after trying for hours. Nothing wrong about them, they hardly take anything away from the satisfaction you get from solving a riddle; also you can be sure to learn a lot from all those riddles, if you solve them properly.



• Every level has an answer or a method that would take you to the next level. Try all to get to the next  level; don't be limited to the picture or to the browser.
• The answer of a particular level gives you access to the next level.
• All answers are lower-case letters and numbers 0-9. Spaces, special characters are not allowed.
• Write down all usernames and passwords, and don't forget to bookmark your last level.
• Make up your mind about source codes. You may find something useful in the master plan of the page.
• Most important, don't limit yourself to the mouse. You have a keyboard, you have other programs on your computer, you have internet (to search and download stuff).
• Please try not to refresh the page. Refreshing pages where you submitted wrong answers would increase our record of your number of attempts.
• If you leave labyrinth midway, and come back to it later, you will be taken to the level where you left off.
• However, the amount of time you took for the game is calculated from the time you started playing, and is not the time you spent on the web site.


Aditya Muraletharan
Phone:Formula: 0
Siddharth Sekhar
Phone:Formula: 1
Navin Sridharan
Phone:Formula: 2
Vignesh Sushrutha
Phone:Formula: 3
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