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crime The radical distinction of Crime Busters from other events is that it is purely non technical. It is for the fast paced minds but purely logical and brainy, sure to say brilliant. An event where NITTians as well as our honored guests can come to blow off steam, away from all the robotics and brain cracking coding. With immense lateral thinking involved, Crime Busters is uncomplicated but not to be reckoned easy.


• On-Spot Event
• The preliminary round consists of logical questions, brain teasers and GK questions. From this, a maximum of 7 teams will be shortlisted for the finals.
• The final round comprises of two stages.
• In the first stage, team's basic knowledge in solving questions based on picture analysis, situational cases etc. will be tested.
• Finally, a mystery case file will be given and teams should solve it in the given time frame.


• A team can consist of a maximum of 3 participants.
• All students with a valid identity card from their respective educational institution are eligible to participate in Crime Busters.
• Final winners will be those who solve the case with perfection, deciphering the maximum number of clues and thus providing the complete evidence pointing to the culprit.
• If the team can find the motive of crime, bonus points will be given.
• In case of a tie, points in other stages of events may be considered. If participants seek extra clues other than which is given in the case file, then points will be deducted for them.
• Malpractice during any stage of the event will lead to disqualification of the whole team.
• At any stage, the decision of judges will be final.
• Any rules are viable to change and will be announced before the commencement of the event.


Gokul Suresh
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Jose Tom M
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Rakesh R Nair
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R Ajay Kumar
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