Digital Fortress
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Registration Deadline: 26th February, 2013
Prize money worth INR 30000

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Welcome to Digital Fortress – the coders’ battlefield to infiltrate the enemy and capture the flag.  Are you the next hacker waiting to take the world by storm?  Breach this fortress. 
The event is held online going live during Pragyan.



• Participants are required to register for the event in pairs of two advance -- optional.
• Two rounds have been planned
• One comprising of level based online hacking round
• The final round being “Control the Grid”  round


•  It is a level-based contest
•  All teams will start at Lvl. 1 through Lvl. 9001
•  Each level will consist of a challenge that will require the contestant to obtain a secret flag
•  At the end of the alloted time, the participants from the top two levels will progress to round two
•  The structure of each level as follows:-
  • •  You will be presented with an attack scenario on a page
  • •  The types of levels will be:-
    • •  Cryptography
    • •  Reverse Engineering
    • •  Web Vulnerabilities
    • • Common Sense!
  • •  Once you have exploited a vulnerability, you will find a key that we try to keep in plain sight
  • •  Entering the key at the DF portal will reveal the next round
  • •  Don't share keys; it is a stupid thing to do


Deepak M 
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Vignesh P
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