Dalal Street
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Registration Deadline: 25th February, 2013
Prize money worth INR 40000

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Dalal Street is a virtual stock trading game. As opposed to conventional stock picking games, Dalal Street actually allows the players to trade among themselves. Trading is facilitated by an electronic exchange running from our servers. The player accumulating maximum wealth by trading will be crowned the winner.

The Test Run has been rescheduled at 1800 hours on 25 february 2013 due to request by a number of registrants .

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• Each participant is provided with a fixed amount of virtual money initially for trading.
• At the start of the game, shares of few Indian companies will be offered for sale at previous day's BSE closing price. More shares may come into market later to encourage new participants and to add liquidity to the market. 
• Participants can do market research of these companies before choosing which stocks to buy. Stocks will be offered on a first come first served basis. Trading will be allowed in these shares starting from day one.
• Players should watch the markets carefully to decide their strategy. Apart from watching the direction of prices in our virtual exchange. they should keep in touch with real world happenings too, to have the first mover advantage. A bundle containing various RSS feeds providing the latest market data, will be provided to the users. They can use their favourite RSS reader to remain in touch with the market directions. Besides this, we will provide the current price of the stocks in BSE too. Users can use this as an indicator of the stock's health. 
• Trading will take place between the players of Dalal Street only. Players can place orders for various stocks and our exchange would match compatible buy and sell orders. Buy orders quoting higher price will gain preference over lower priced quotes. Sell orders quoting lower price will be given preference over higher priced ones.
• Currently limit and market orders are allowed in trading. Margin trading and short selling might be introduced during the course of the game. There will be an exhaustive help page provided with the game interface, illustrating various features of the game. We will be providing various links to enrich the player's knowledge of investment.
• Dalal Street's uniqueness lies in the fact that we actually carry out your trades and make you feel like an actual investor. Experience the thrill of seeing your trades influence the direction of the market.


• Dalal Street is strictly only for college students and an individual event.
• Any market manipulation technique is to be avoided, and might result in disqualification of the participant.


Email: dalalstreet@pragyan.org
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