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"Creativity is putting your imagination to work, and it has produced the most extraordinary results in human culture. "

The best of innovations are realised when creativity joins hands with science.

This event aims at analysing an engineer’s ability and spontaneity in resolving a

technical challenge, along with a creative approach.


26,27&28th Feb: 10:30 am to 5:30 pm

Venue: Orion G12

Exciting goodies are to be won.



Round 1:

  • In this round is assembling of a keyboard.
  • Weightage of marks and restrictions of timing will be explained during the event
  • Maximum points :10 

Round 2:

  • All participants will be provided blue prints and circuit diagram
  • MARKS will be given on the basis on time and working of RC car
  • Weightage of marks and restrictions of timing will be explained during the event
  • The round is total 20 MARKS
  • In any case the decision of organizing members will be final

 • Round 1 will be for 10 points.

• Round 2 will be for 15 points.

• Teams having the highest points cumulatively in  round 1 and round 2 will be qualified for round 3.

• Points in round 1 will be based on their speed and accuracy.

•  If the participants exceed the time limit, points will be awarded based on their work.

• ‐1 point for each time participant approaches to the event manager for help.

• ‐2 points for damaging any component.

• For round 1‐

         ‐    2 points will be awarded if they complete within time limit.

         ‐    2 points when every part is assembled properly.

• Team completing the task first will be awarded with 2 points.

• If mouse is working properly 4 points will be given.

• We have the same judging criteria even for round 2 except for that with highest range of transmitter and receiver will be awarded 5 points. 

• In third round we will give points for each step and time taken to complete it.

• For e.g. assembling the car will have 10 points which will be distributed on basis of time taken, accuracy (measured from blue print) etc.

• The one who completes it first correctly will be given 5 points.

Members per team:  2

  • All the teams are allowed to compete in round one and two.
  • The top listed teams will qualify for round 3.
  • Any team may first participate in the second round and then in the first round also (In case they are late).
  • Event manager's decision is final.

1. Who can participate?

    Students from any college can participate. If you have never worked with

    electronic parts or meddled with your old PC before then fear not, just read a

    little about how to handle electronic parts. Rest we will help you before the


2. How many can participate?

    One or two members can participate per team.

3. I am currently not enrolled in a college. Can I participate?

    No. Only those with a valid college ID can participate.

4. Is pre‐registration necessary?

    No. You can register on‐spot too.

5. Will participation certificate be provided?

    No, but goodies or prize money will be provided.

Rishab:   +91 7740808969

Ritik:      +91 9651338114

Vamshi: +91 9677830677

Email :


For other details contact :

Pragna : +91 8220285493

To design a model of a simple mechanism which will be specified on the spot

within the time limit from the different materials provided. The materials

include the necessary parts, tools and accessories essential to create the


Eg: ‐ Mouse

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