While some have vowed to never correlate to a circuital subject in any day, some others delve into the subject day and night. Circuitrix gives these passionate few a chance to demonstrate their circuital skills to design and implement based on the components given to them, within that time.  

Circuitrix is an event which gives all circuital enthusiast a chance to prove their shear passion for everything and anything TRONIC.



Click here to go to the quiz. 

  • The quiz contains two sections. Each section must be completed in 30 minutes.
Schedule : 26th Feb: 10:00 am to 1:00 pm , Venue:LH1,2

27th Feb: 10:00 am to 5:00 om, Venue: EEE auditorium

Event will be conducted in three rounds.

Each round description is as follows:

  • Round 1 :

- Online Objective Test  (Eliminative) 

- The online quiz can be taken from Sunday 14th February 2016 till Tuesday 16th February 2016.

-The online quiz can be taken up here  (link will be uploaded on the day of the quiz)


40 top teams selected from after the quiz will be invited to the campus for the onsite rounds.

  • Round 2 :

    Written Test (1 hour test,Non-Eliminative)

  • Round 3:  Working Tasks

    - Duration: 3 hrs.

    - 40 teams divided into 2 batches of 20 with 2 different slots.    

    - Three problem statements will be given out of which one must be attempted for sure, the rest are optional.

    - Teams will be given some amount of virtual money.  

    - Components required for every problem statement will be on sale.

    - Depending on their problem statement teams should decide their components and buy them with the provided virtual  money.



Only for the final round:

  1. Working of circuit.

  2. How well it is practically implemented.

  3. Time taken

  4. Minimal money usage

Decision of the judges will be final.


  • Team should comprise of not more than 3 participants.
  • Prior registration is required in order to participate in the online round.
  • The decision of the judges is final. 

Q1. How many participants per team?

Ans: 3 (no more, no less)

Q2. Do all participants have to be from the same college?

Ans: No

Q3.Any pre-requisites to participate in this event?

Ans: Just a basic knowledge on electronics would do.



To download information regarding CIRCUITRIX click the link below:



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+91 9497866598



Other Queries:-

Ashwin Bharathwaj

 +91 9894945490


Faculty Advisor:

S. Mageshwari

Electrical and Electronics Department.

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