Threes a crowd

"No team outworks teamwork"

Participants register as teams of three to compete in a contest of collaborative coding. The given problem will have to be split into one‐thirds by the team, whose members will each work on a one‐third separately. Their blocks of code will have to synergize into a solution capable of handling the pre‐set test cases.


Schedule and Venue: 28th Feb: 10:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. - Orion G7, G8

                                                2:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. - BTech CSE lab

Cash prizes worth INR 25000

             Sap Lab              VMware  

1. There will be a preliminary written round testing the basic foundational knowledge of the teams in algorithms, data structures and programming paradigms.

2. A maximum of eight teams will successfully qualify to the final round. A single problem statement will be provided to each team. The teams will discuss possible solutions to the problem and split the solutions into modules as they deem fit. This is followed by 3 hours of individual coding. Members of each team will work separately on one of the three modules. At the end of every 55 minutes a round will finish and  teams will have to switch modules. This means that team member 1 will move to team member 2’s system, member 2 to member 3’s system and member 3 to member 1’s system and continue working where their teammates left off. There will be a total of three rounds.

3. At the end of the rounds, the teams will given time (45 minutes) to put the pieces together and construct a single solution. The teams will get to test their solution against sample test cases and submit their solutions to the online judge.

1. Participants must be familiar with one of C, C++ or Java.

2. The event format will be strictly adhered to and the decisions of organizers will be final and binding.

3.  Participants may not communicate with their teammates in the preliminary round and the individual coding section of the final round. If any participant is found violating this rule, his/her team will be disqualified. 

4.  Participants shall use the internet connection provided to them only and as instructed and permitted by the organizers. An announcement regarding this will be made before the final round begins.

5. The organizers shall be free to enforce further restrictions uniformly across teams as the need arises. Such restrictions, as already stated above, will apply to all teams ensuring that no team is disadvantaged.

1. Can there be a team of more or less than 3 members ?

No. Each team must have exactly 3 members

2.  Can people from different colleges form a team ?

Yes, members from different colleges can form a team together. There is no restriction on whether or not the members are to be from the same college.

3.  Do the participants need to bring their own laptops?

Nope. Participants will be working in a lab allotted as the venue. The venue will be announced during the fest.

4.  Is there any restriction on which year students can participate ?

Yes, as long as you are a student.

5.  Is there any separate registration fee ?

No , there is no individual registration fee for this event.


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