The Ultimate manager

Oyo“Confidence  doesn’t  come  when  you  have  all  the  answers....  it  comes  when  you  are

ready to face all the questions.”

Do  you  possess such  confidence  which  can sway  the  world  in  the  direction  of  your


Prove it here!

Swot your brain, explore and unleash your innate talents and let your ideas burn bright!

Be The Ultimate Manager!

We invite you to be a part of the premier managerial event of PRAGYAN’16, a journey

riddled  with  challenges.  This  is the  ultimate  platform to  project the managerial spirit

within you, bringing out the best of every person in every possible dimension. “Thinking

outside the box” is the theme, boundless is the scope.

The winners get to take home prize money worth INR 35,000 along with the tag of The

Ultimate Manager, 2016.


28th Feb: 9:30 am to 2:00 pm

Venue: A2 hall

Cash prizes worth INR 35000.

  • Round 1: Business Quiz
    • Rules:
      • Duration: 30 minutes
      • Number of questions: 25
      • No negative marking
  • Round 2: Case Study Presentation
    • Rules:
      • Group of five
      • Preparation time: 5 minutes
      • Presentation time: 10 minutes
      • Problem statement will be given on the spot.
  • Round 3: Auction & Action
    • Rules:
      • Bid for a product
      • Buy it
      • Sell it using your marketing skills
      • Maximize your Profit.
  • Round 4: Stress Interview
  • Round 1
    • Knowledge about companies, brands, contemporary trends and recent happenings
  • Round 2
    • Managerial Decision making, Creative thinking, team work
  • Round 3
    • Resource management, Communication, marketing skills

Refer to the event format for rules in different sections.

1. What is The Ultimate Manager ‘16?

    The Ultimate Manager is the event in Pragyan’16 that tests your business acumen.

2. What is involved in this event? How many rounds does the event have?

      We  are  going  to  test  the  managerial  capabilities  of  an  individual  through  a series  of

rounds.  The  event  consists  of  four rounds.  The  first round  is  a  business  quiz.  This round

is eliminative. The qualifying candidates move to round 2 which is a case study round. Here

you  will  be  divided  in  groups.  Round  3  is  auction  and  action  where  the  participants

choose and buy from a list of products and sell that product to the audience. The final round

is the stress interview.

3. Who can participate in this event?

    It is open to all business as well as non‐business students.

4. How to register for the event?

   It will be on the spot registration.

5. Will we be provided with accommodation?

    Accommodation will be provided.

6. What is the registration fee?

    There will be no registration fee for the event.

7. When is the event going to be held?

    Please refer to the schedule.

The entire details of The ultimate manager can be downloaded from here

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1. Shilpa               :-  8015157265

2. Roni Kurien      :-  9446580400

3. Harsha             :-  8754335248

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